Today is the autumn equinox and traditionally the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (although not according to the GRD calendar, we have another week to go yet)! This year, though, it looks like the Green Rabbit calendar is correct because it has been like summer outside today, so warm and sunny, not at all Keats- like.

Our mild weather has something to do with the end of Hurricane Humberto and it’s warm sub-tropical air out in the Atlantic, I’d like to thank Humberto very much and if he would like to hang around out there in the Atlantic until Next March, that’s fine by me.

I thought it was time we had another little walk in the park and check out the change in nature, it turned out to be a very pleasant walk indeed and I think I could get to like the change in season if the temperatures remained like this, the autumn colours look so much better in the sunshine and its lovely not to have to wear a coat!













So some autumn colours are beginning to appear but there’s still quite a bit of green around.

Hope you enjoyed yet another little jaunt around ‘my park’!

Have a great new week, lets hope it’s a warm and sunny one. :)


Honeysuckle and roses, they just speak summer don’t they!


The hedgerows have been full of them this year, I think the recession has helped with our wild flowers, as the councils don’t seem to have the resources to keep the hedgerows trimmed and as a result all these beautiful flowers have been allowed to run riot!

Every cloud!


I love how honeysuckle and roses love to be together, growing beside each other and often around each other.


And the scent, two of the prettiest scents on the planet.


They’re not just in the hedgerows either, I have them both in my garden too.


They’re growing just below my bedroom window and the scent is amazing especially in the evenings.


Just like the hedgerows they’re growing side by side in my garden too.

Honeysuckle Collage

Is it any wonder then that I was inspired to create two new little summer girls. I think Honeysuckle will become one of my favourites, as I just love her cardie and skirt.

Rose Collage

I actually surprised myself that I hadn’t yet made a ‘Rose’, there has been a Lavender Rose, a Rosa and a Rosebud but never a Rose until now!


And here they are together in the garden as all honeysuckle and roses should be!

Happy Tuesday ! :)


I have finally got around to sorting out my photos from last week’s outings. We had lovely weather for my Hb’s time off work and we made the most of it by getting out and about, a lot!!! Be warned this is a very picture-heavy post!

These first lot of photos are from Antrim Castle Gardens, Co Antrim.

antrim gardens 1 Collage


antrim gardens 2 Collage


antrim gardens 3 Collage

All the following pics were taken at Gosford Forest Park, Co Armagh. Gosford has a huge castle which is now, believe it or not, used as apartments, quite a grand place to live!!


gosford 1 Collage


gosford 2 Collage


gosford 3 Collage



And finally our day out at the seaside, at Groomsport, Co Down.


groomsport 1 Collage


groomsport 2 Collage




So that was last week, if you are still with me, thank you, I just needed to get it all recorded.


The weather has been absolutely wonderful, not only last week but this week and by the sound of things next week too! Happy days!!

Thanks as always for dropping by, have yourselves a wonderful weekend! :)


Today was St Swithun’s Day and according to the rhyme…….

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St Swithun’s day if thou be fair
For forty days ’twill rain nae mare

……we should be enjoying 40 more days of sunshine, in this neck of the woods anyway, I hope so in your neck of the woods too!

This was the last day of my Hb’s holidays and we decided to pay a visit to the Rose Garden at Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. This is Rose Week at the gardens and there are lots of events taking place including the rose trials when the roses are judged. I wouldn’t like to be a judge as how anyone could possibly pick one above the other, I don’t know!!!


There are thousands of roses and this year they are particularly beautiful because there hasn’t been the usual rain to destroy them. So many years when we have visited the poor flowers were fading before they had even opened up but not this year.

Rose week 1 Collage




There was even a harpist to serenade us as we walked around! Sunshine, roses, a beautiful scent in the air and harp music, pretty perfect, don’t you think!

Rose week 3 Collage





Rose week 2 Collage


So a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon, now I’m looking forward to the next 40 days of sunshine!!

Have a great week! :)

I love of flowers!

This statement will come as no surprise to those of you who visit here regularly but it’s not just garden flowers, I love wildflowers too!

During the summer I have been photographing wildflowers wherever I found myself ~ country lanes, seaside, park!

Looking back at the photos I do wonder where the summer has gone. Some of these photos I took over 2 months ago and yet it only seems such a short time ago.

Just some of the many flowers I’ve photographed during the summer and lovely to see that it didn’t rain all the time!

I have lots of books on wildflowers too, some of them from my childhood. One of them is the Ladybird Book of British Wildflowers, the one above though isn’t my original one it’s another one I picked up a little while ago in a secondhand book shop.

Why did I want a second one??

Well I wanted it so that I could send it to the very clever Fee to work her magic and make me these beautiful blocks ………………………

Aren’t they brilliant??

I think I’m right in saying that Fee enjoys a commission, her blocks are also available from her shop.

Her work is amazing!!

I don’t suppose there will be many more opportunities for sunny wildflower photos from now on, at least I have my blocks to look at!

The air is definitely a lot cooler but at least the sun shone today, let’s hope it continues to do so over the weekend.

Happy weekend and as always thanks for visiting! :)

Last week, with my husband off work on holidays, we had a week of days out and about. We visited gardens, went to the seaside (twice), a garden centre, for walks, we had picnics and meals out and throughly enjoyed a lovely week with very good weather (only a shower or two).

So this is a post full of photos of our week at home and all the flora and fauna and scenery we encountered along the way!

Well I had to leave my calling card, didn’t I!!! ;)

If you made it to the end, thank you for your perseverance!
Being a blogger makes you look harder ~ don’t you think!!!

Happy new week everyone. :)

“The holly and the ivy,
When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The holly bears the crown
O the rising of the sun
And the running of the deer
The playing of the merry organ
Sweet singing of the choir”

I thought we would take what will probably be the final blog walk in the park for this year and as you can see greenery may be a bit sparse but I did find some holly and ivy.

There really is quite a bit of ivy and as the trees are stripped bare it really stands out as it wraps itself around the tree trunks.

Not quite as much holly as ivy but I still managed to find a couple of bushes but with absolutely no berries at all. I’m not sure if there were any to start with or if the birds have eaten them all.

It really is quite mild outside today, the day started off bright and dry although it did turn to rain later this afternoon.

However when compared to the weather this time last year, it’s almost tropical!! You can see what the park looked like at just about this time in 2010, here!
Believe me I’m thankful it’s not like that this year!

It has been an enjoyable walk in the park today, it was lovely to get away from all the manic-ness that is this time of year.
Lovely to breath in the fresh air and enjoy nature.

Hope you too can find some time to step back from the madness as well and enjoy some of the simple things in life.

Thank you for walking in the park with me this year, I’m sure we’ll take we’ll take a few more strolls in 2012!

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)

I was checking back to see the last time I did a park post and it was the 26th June, I can’t believe it was that long since we had a walk in the park!
This was a post that I had intended to do last month but due to October’s horrible weather it wasn’t possible. Thankfully November has started beautifully and we enjoyed a lovely walk in the park yesterday and there still is some autumn colour about!

I love the light at this time of year when the weather is good that is. The sun is low in the sky and the shadows are long.

There are still plenty of crunchy leaves to walk through!

Even though I do feel a bit sad when the tree’s loose their leaves they do look majestic when you can see their bare branches.

There was a beautiful golden glow yesterday.

We had the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time yesterday afternoon.

It amazes me how some of the trees still have some of their leaves ………

others are just changing colour ……….

and some, like my own garden tree have lost all their leaves!

The wildlife were all out in force, these swans are always very grateful for the what the park visitors bring them.

Of course these cheeky chappies are never far away!!

Since the clocks went back the evening comes very quickly and that low sun soon slips below the horizon……..

creating some beautiful silhouettes as it goes.

I hope you enjoyed your little walk around ‘my autumn park’. We’re still enjoying some gorgeous late autumn weather here, fingers crossed it stays for a while.

Happy new week everyone!!! :)

Over the past few weeks I have been taking some photographs of the autumn colours appearing in the countryside and in my garden, when the weather has been behaving itself that is!

Looking through them it seems that it hasn’t been all rain, must have just seemed that way or else I took most of my photos over a period of two days, which may have been the case.

There is no doubt about the beautiful colours that autumn sends our way.

The trees, leaves, berries and shrubs are such pretty shades of the season.

Beauty to be found in the simplest of things.

Rusty orange, red, brown, green, mustard, yellow, purple, taupe. Most of my favoutite colours (with the exception of duck egg blue that is) are autumn shades, perhaps I really am an earthy autumn girl, mmmm not sure about that, earthy yes but I do like my summer sunshine!

Celebrate Color

Celebrate Colour is all about being inspired by the colours of the autumn season and using them in all manner of crafts. It is the brilliant idea of Emma Lamb, Wild Olive and luvinthemommyhood. They want everyone to share their autumn inspired crafts and there are lots of lovely prizes to be won too. Click on the photo for lots more information.

And inspired I have been, I’ve spent this week crocheting little bits and pieces in autumnal colours which will eventually become corsages, with the exception of the toadstool which might look a little odd!

I have enjoyed working with these colours and matching them up with pretty beads and buttons.

Just have to attach flowers to leaves etc and make a few corsages, I have to say though I do quite like them all displayed like this, so much so that I don’t want to touch them!!

Hope you’re being inspired by the season too!

It’s actually not raining here today although a little sunshine wouldn’t go amiss.

Thanks as always for visiting, enjoy the rest of the week and I hope the weekend ahead is a good one for you all! :)

Welcome to the ‘Kingdom of Mourne’!
This magnificient area was the setting for the Festival of Flight this past weekend.

The Mourne Mountains are Northern Ireland’s highest mountains with Slieve Donard being the highest peak at 2789 feet. Now I know in the grand scale of things they’re aren’t huge but they certainly are beautiful!

I want to thank you all for the ‘finger crossing’ I asked for last Friday because the weather on Saturday in this little corner of Northern Ireland was lovely. When we left home it was pouring and we gathered together raincoats, umbrellas, and wellies but when we got to Newcastle, Co Down the one thing we needed and didn’t bring were our sunglasses!

We had brought a picnic with us and we settled down on the beach in the sun and waited for the air show to begin.

The air display included the French Patrouille Reva, the Irish Air Corps and a US World War 2 Mustang but there is no doubt the stars of the show were the RAF Red Arrows!!

The display that these pilots put on was amazing!

Something I don’t think I have shared with you before is that I have had a lifelong facination with airplanes, I love them, I could spend all day at an airport watching them take off and land. So an air display is a real treat for me.

I’m pleased to say that one of the Red Arrow pilots is a woman. Perhaps I’ll be a pilot and fly a Red Arrow when I grow up (whenever that might be!). ;)

The photo above was taken by my husband as his camera is much better at fast faraway things than mine and to be honest this was so exciting I wanted to watch it not photograph it!

They finished their absolutley brilliant display with their famous Red Arrow heart with the arrow through the centre! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. :)

Now the dark clouds gathered over the mountains but then moved on to thankfully rain on someone else. We wandered around the little town which as well as many pretty little gift shops has a yarn shop and a lovely bead shop, then we had our evening meal in a gorgeous Italian restaurant. We then went to the music festival in the evening to watch my son’s band play.

Of course General Fiasco were brilliant! :)

We finished off our day at the seaside with one of these. You just have to, don’t you! ;)

So another lovely summer day out came to an end, don’t you just wish it could be summer all the time!

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