The beautiful Côte d’Azur, the blue coast, it’s not hard to see how it gets it’s name, is it!

We had a wonderful time and with the exception of one thunderstorm which is only to be expected in the heat we had wall to wall sunshine, I do miss feeling that sun on my skin!


Cannes 2014 Collage

Beautiful Cannes during the film festival!


Nice 2014 Collage

Wonderful Nice!

Buns  Collage

Too many of these!!!

Antibes 2014 Collage



Palm Trees Collage



Boats Collage



Cherry Collage


Monaco Collage

Monaco, the day after the Grand Prix!


So another brilliant holiday in the south of France, all over way too fast, I do so love this part of the world!

2013 review Collage

Well here we are at the end of another year…that was quick, wasn’t it!!

According to WordPress I uploaded 657 photos this year, so picking one per month was difficult but I tried to choose one that represented that month for me!

We had a busy year on the home front with our daughter getting married in July, so wedding preparations coupled with all the renovating and decorating we did around the house made for a hectic first six months. The wedding was of course the highlight of the year and what a wonderful day it was, the sun shone, in fact that was the beginning of the fantastic spell of weather we had this summer. Lyndsey was a beautiful bride and everyone had an amazing time, its hard to believe that it was six months ago now. She is very happy in her new home with her new husband and lives only four miles from me, so I see her all the time! My son on the other hand moved quite a bit further away at the beginning of August when he decided to go to work in Berlin. He has been home three times since then so although it’s not wonderful it’s not too bad, he just went back a couple of days ago after his Christmas break and hopes to be home again in January.

The second half of the year was at a much slower pace and in October we managed another trip to the south of France, our second visit this year as we were there as usual in May. It was lovely to get back again and it stretched summer by another week for us, you know how I like to cling on to summer.

2013 was the year that I eventually got my own craft room and I have to say I love my little space, it’s great having everything I need to hand and especially having my sewing machine ready for use at all times.

Throughout the year I enjoyed my garden time and I can’t wait to get back out there again, I’m already planning what I’m going to grow! I’m sure too that I’ll have the company of my many cat assistants as I did in 2013.

I have also loved sharing my outings and day trips and visits to ‘my park’ with you and hope to do all that again in 2014.

One thing I have noticed that is missing from my photos is the amount of cooking and baking I do, there is lots of it but for some reason I never get around to sharing it maybe I’ll try and share more of it in 2014. One of my missions in life is to convert everyone to vegetarianism, I’ll never do that if I don’t convince you all how good life is without meat!!!

2013 bunny review Collage

I’m sure you must have noticed one thing missing from my 2103 collage….my bunnies, well I decided they needed a collage all of their own. Again it was difficult to pick just one per month as I made fifty-four of them this year, all of them happily living in new homes across the world. Thank you for all your encouragement, my stats certainly go up when I do a bunny post, I really can’t believe the amount of interest in them, I had to stop my waiting list as it was getting out of hand and start using my Etsy shop to sell them. My last group of ‘girls’ sold in two minutes, I am so very grateful for your support. I really enjoy making them, dressing them and naming them and the fact that others enjoy it too makes me very happy, so thank you! I am at the moment making my Valentine girls who hopefully should be in my shop at the end of next month….there are hearts everywhere! So lots more bunnies in 2014!

Finally I would like to thank all you lovely people who have visited my blog this year and have left so many wonderful comments, you make Green Rabbit Designs for me. I have made so many really good friends through blogging, who I would love to meet in ‘real’ life…..maybe one day.
Thank you for being here throughout 2013 and I hope you will return in 2014.

All that remains is for me to wish you all good health and happy times in 2014.

Enjoy what’s left of the month, the year and winter, I’ll be back soon with pre-spring…happy days!!!

Happy New Year! :)


I’ve finally come to accept autumn and have at last let summer go, I think the week away in France was just what I needed, it was an extra week of summer that I was very lucky to get and now I feel more settled.

This week I have been sorting out my garden and have bought myself some cyclamens to replace the fading summer bedding.


When we came back this is what the top of our garden looked like, it seemed like our sycamore tree decided to do its leave shedding all in one go!!

ZinniaSunflower Collage

There are a few summer blooms hanging on, I found this little zinnia when we returned and the sunflowers, even when on their way out, still look good.


I have been decorating my craft room with some autumn decorations, some of which I brought back from France.


The little bunch of acorns were picked up on a walk in France, the chestnuts however are good old Northern Irish ones.


The little hedgehog was knit from Julie’s pattern.

Autumn candle Collage


When I was away I bought some lovely new bunny skirt fabric too and these pretty little jars for storing buttons and beads were only one euro each!


While shopping for my autumn decorations I thought I would bring a couple of extra ones for a little giveaway for my bloggy friends. I have been extremely lucky in giveaways myself recently (more about that in another post) so I thought it was time to have one myself. How do you enter the giveaway?? Well if you left a comment on my previous post you already have as its one of my secret giveaways. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and warm welcome back. I used the random number generator and the number it picked was……………………….


Comment number four, who was Jill.
The little hanging leaf and owl tealight holder will be on their way to you soon Jill.

Autumn Bunnying Collage

I’ve been bunny making this week as well and I hope to have a few autumn inspired bunnies ready very soon!


I rescued this bunch of cosmos from the garden this afternoon as the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t too wonderful!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, fingers crossed for a dry one and thanks as always for dropping by! :)


We really only decided just a few weeks back that we would return to the south of France for a little autumn break. We always go somewhere, usually at the end of August, beginning of September when we have both our birthdays and our wedding anniversary but this year we thought we would leave it a little later and go back to the Riviera. As we have never been at this time of year before we weren’t quite sure what to expect weatherwise but we needn’t have worried, it was beautiful!

I love everything about this place…..the sunshine…..the scenery…..the beaches…..the flora and fauna…..the people…..the produce…..the villages, towns and cities…..the palm trees…..and the peeling duck egg blue painted shutters!

This is a very picture heavy post so be warned but I hope you enjoy a little of what we enjoyed last week!



France Flora Collage




French Produce Collage




Negresco Collage





Boat Collage




French Window Collage


à bientôt Riviera !


Well here I am with my second and final installment of my French holiday photos, I was going to do another post after this one but I decided to make just one more do, so it is a very picture heavy post, I hope you’ll bear with me.

As I mentioned in my last post we do like to visit the markets when in France and the above photo and the group below are from the market at Valbonne.

Valbonne Market Collage

So much produce in the little narrow streets!


Of all the markets the Saturday morning flower market in Nice is my favourite, the flowers are amazing and I just wish I could share the scent in the air with you!

french hydrangea Collage


Nice market Collage

The produce is fantastic too.

Nice 2 Collage

And there’s plenty to see with artists and street entertainers!

french buildings Collage

Of course no matter where you go in the south of France there is a photo opportunity, I just love shutters, peeling paint and geraniums.

italy Collage

On one of the days we took a little trip into Italy to a little town called Ventimiglia and naturally we did what anyone would when in Italy ~ we had ice-cream!




italy 2 Collage


We really did have a lovely afternoon over the border in Italy, it was such a beautiful day. It was the day of the Monaco Grand Prix and the above photo is actually looking towards Monaco. The train goes through Monaco on the way to Ventimiglia and after the stop at Monaco it felt like we were the only ones left on the train as everyone seemed to be going to the Grand Prix!

tourettes & st paul Collage

The above photos are from Tourrettes-sur-Loup and St Paul de Vence. Tourrettes-sur-Loup is known for it’s violets, it even had violets painted on the cobbles. I brought back some lovely violet decorations for cupcake making and the potter in the above photo is making beautiful pottery with little violets painted on it. We found the grave of the painter Marc Chagall in St Paul de Vence.


Well if you’re still here, well done, I thought I’d share one more photo of the beautiful Alps with the city of Nice below them. So that was our French holiday for another year but already I’m saving my pennies for next year!

Just in case you thought that we spent all our time in France running around, that wasn’t the case……..


…..there was plenty of this too!!! ;)


Hi everyone, here I am back again after my wonderful French holiday! I have so many photos to share that it will take more than one post to get through them all so I hope you don’t mind.


One of my favourite places on the Riviera is Cannes and as we always go in May we are always there during the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2 Collage

Cannes Collage

I do love a walk around the harbour at Cannes, I think this is where I’ll keep my yacht, when I get one! ;) I quite fancy one like the green one, so my colour!!!

Boules Collage

No matter which town or village you visit there always seems to be a boules match taking place and a very serious business it is too. This competition was one we watched in Cannes.


These pretty fountains are in Antibes and when it’s hot, which it was on the day we were there, it is very tempting to run through them!


We always love to visit the markets, Thursday morning is Antibes market and it is always so colourful.


The fruit and vegetable market is amazing, I wish we had markets like it here.


The harbour at Antibes has some fantastic yachts too! If you look in the background of the above photo you can see the snow on top of the Alps this always feels strange when you are taking the photo in almost 30 degrees heat!!

Well I think that’s enough photos for today, I’ll be back in a few days with some more.

Happy Monday, it almost feels like summer here today! :)

2012a Collage

It was so hard to choose just one photo to represent each month of 2012 as I have uploaded so many during the year! I have tried to cover everything that this little blog is about as well as representing the year that was 2012.

As you know I believe it’s never too early to look for spring and I began the year doing just that, February brought Valentines Day and all it’s sweet treats!!
During March, while playing about with yarn and a crochet hook, I made a rabbit, her name was Lavender Rose, well wasn’t she the start of something, many, many more bunnies followed.
April brought us Easter, my very favourite time of year, bunnies and chocolate, who could ask for more!

2012b Collage

May time is France time and we enjoyed a wonderful holiday in the south of France, while June brought us the Diamond Jubilee in all it’s red, white and blue glory!!
July was spent mostly in the garden and despite some unseasonal weather, flowers bloomed. From the end of July through to mid August we enjoyed the wonderful 2012 London Olympics and at the end of August we had a mini break to Edinburgh where I managed to tick something off my bucket list, seeing a panda in the flesh!!

2012c Collage

Now of course the cats featured many times on my blog throughout the year, this particular photo is of Charlie helping me with my crochet in September. October brought autumn time and autumn crafting.
November as always makes us stop and remember the sacrifice of others.
Then quick as a flash we were in December, where I seemed to spend most of the month crocheting Christmas bunnies!

So here we are at the end of the what has seemed to me the fastest year ever! Generally it has been a good year and we have had lots of enjoyable times. Bunnies always feature on my blog but this year they featured strongly, I have had so much fun making them and thank you for all your encouragement and support. Thank you all so much for being with me during 2012, thanks for your visits, your lovely comments and your friendship, the blogging community is a wonderful thing and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

So a new year beckons and for us personally I expect the first six months are going to be a very busy time as we have our daughter’s wedding in July. I fully intend to keep on making bunnies and hopefully there’ll be lots more cats, flowers, gardening and outings in this little space too. I do hope you’ll join me and if I could ask one thing of 2013, it would be, please go a bit slower than 2012!!

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and wonderful new year!!! :)

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