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It’s that time of year again, when the beautiful bluebells are in bloom.

When I want to find them I always head off to ‘my park’!



You all know by now how flowers and nature inspire my bunnies………..


Meet little Bluebell!

I’m actually surprised that in the two years I have been making my rabbits that I haven’t made a Bluebell before now, as I love the flowers so much. I think the reason is that I really hadn’t found the perfect fabric until last week.


It’s still remaining very springlike around these parts, there is the odd shower or two of rain but then what would April be without showers.

Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for dropping by!

Happy Wednesday! :)


It has been such a beautiful day here today, what a way to welcome April.

It’s a day like this that makes you appreciate the little things in life.


Like sweet pea seedlings shooting up in a very warm greenhouse.


Little plants waiting to be potted up.


A pair of buzzards circling and calling out, high above my garden.


Blooming flowering currant.


Almost blooming cherry blossom.


Lily catching a few rays.


Freshly baked wheaten bread.


A blue sky through the ‘almost blossom’.


Daffodils everywhere!


Wrapping up springtime bunnies for their journey to their new homes.

Take time to enjoy the little things….happy Tuesday and happy April!!! :)


I love this day of the year, the Winter Solstice! Despite the very grey sky here this morning and the very low sun behind it, I know that tomorrow that same sun will be a little higher in the sky. The difference will be so slight we won’t even notice it but it will still happen and that does make me feel good!

The Google homepage has a brilliant little animation today of a scarf being knitted but when you click on the animation it says “First Day of Winter”. Well I’m sorry but I’m having none of that, according to my calendar there are only ten more days of winter left and then it’s pre-spring.

The proof????


These are my daffodil bulbs and …….


…….my primula, all photographed this morning in my garden!


Just look at this photo, these are the buds on my cherry tree which only lost the last of its leaves a few weeks back. Despite the dull, grey sky, this photo makes my heart skip just to see those little signs of life.

So brace yourselves lovely people, you are going to get a lot more of this from me over the weeks ahead! :)

However in the meantime ………..

Winter Solstice Collage

……..I haven’t forgotten all about Christmas! We are in full Christmas mode here, my son is home from Berlin and we are more or less ready to celebrate!


Wishing you all a very happy festive weekend, thanks as always for dropping by especially at this very busy time!

Happy Weekend! :)


We woke to our first frost this morning, the above photo is of the glass in my greenhouse, cold but beautiful.


Spiders webs and roof tops were all white and boy was it chilly!


It was lovely and bright though and the sun soon made the frost disappear.


Which was good as after a visit to a garden centre yesterday I had a few more plants to put in pots, I just love these ornamental cabbages!


I also bought a tray of these little, almost black violas too…so pretty!

Actually by the time I was finished in the greenhouse the sun had raised the temperature in there to 20 degrees.

Thank you autumn for being so good!!!


While we are on a frosty theme I thought I would share my first little festive bunny with you, her name is Fawn! She’ll be in my Etsy shop soon.

Happy new week everyone, hope it’s a good one for you! :)


Today is the autumn equinox and traditionally the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (although not according to the GRD calendar, we have another week to go yet)! This year, though, it looks like the Green Rabbit calendar is correct because it has been like summer outside today, so warm and sunny, not at all Keats- like.

Our mild weather has something to do with the end of Hurricane Humberto and it’s warm sub-tropical air out in the Atlantic, I’d like to thank Humberto very much and if he would like to hang around out there in the Atlantic until Next March, that’s fine by me.

I thought it was time we had another little walk in the park and check out the change in nature, it turned out to be a very pleasant walk indeed and I think I could get to like the change in season if the temperatures remained like this, the autumn colours look so much better in the sunshine and its lovely not to have to wear a coat!













So some autumn colours are beginning to appear but there’s still quite a bit of green around.

Hope you enjoyed yet another little jaunt around ‘my park’!

Have a great new week, lets hope it’s a warm and sunny one. :)


The postman brought me a lovely little package all the way from Germany, Berlin to be precise.


A lovely little parcel of chocolate from my boy… he knows me so well! ;)


Just perfect for a little treat with a mug of tea! Do you like my new Cath Kidston mug? Another little treat that I bought myself. I believe I’m deserving all these little treats to console myself at the passing of summer!!!!


Actually it was quite nice weather-wise here today and I managed a little bit of gardening and there still is a little bit of summer happening out there!


I even brought a little bit of summer inside!


I found this little family when tidying up outside today. They’re living in my hanging basket in my porch, I had wondered why there was always so much debris on my doorstep every morning, now I know why, they are very well disguised. Had it been a few weeks ago I would have re-homed them but the plants are nearing an end now anyway so I decided to leave them to it.

Just in case you were wondering what happened to the fudge bit of my post title, well here she is…………………..


Meet Fudge !!! She has a lot less calories than the chocolate does!


Right time for a little more chocolate………..well I have been busy outside today! ;)

Thanks for all your visits and comments!

Happy weekend! :)


This is the sky here today but I have to admit not all the time. All of a sudden it gets very dark and the heavens open and it pours down, its chilly too. I really would like to get out into my garden because as a result of the weekend’s high winds it needs a really good tidy up!

The tree against the sky in the above photo is my cherry tree, its still looking good, no sign of autumn yet. When its leaves do begin to turn it happens almost overnight, in no time at all they have turned to orange and then they drop off almost as quickly.

However it’s still happy to be green and the birds are still enjoying it too, only this morning I watched a robin, a pair of blue tits and a chaffinch flit about it’s branches!


It does seem no time since it looked like this though but it’s best I don’t dwell on that too much!!!


Only what seems a few weeks ago now it was covered in cherries!


As it’s an ornamental cherry we don’t eat the fruit, we just leave it for the birds. I remember one day watching a magpie sidle down a very spindly branch to get a cherry, it was quite funny as the branch wasn’t quite strong enough to support him!


Sad as it is to see the passing of the blossom and then the fruit, I do know it will be no time at all until it has come full circle again and even though I am trying to embrace the seasons (well the two I’m not too keen on embracing anyway), I can’t help but look forward to that!


In celebration of my cherry tree I have created a new little girl, who is of course, called Cherry!


Wishing you all a wonderful new week! 🍒


There have been lots of little friends visiting my garden lately, all doing their bit to keep it going.

The only problem is the cats who think that these insects are there purely for their enjoyment, I’m afraid the cats haven’t been my garden friends recently at all, as I seem to spend most of my time shouting at them to leave the poor little creatures alone! I have witnessed them being stung a couple of times, unfortunately they don’t seem to learn from this.

Anyhow I have managed to capture a few of my garden friends to share with you!













They all love my purple buddleia, unfortunately though I have had to cut off all the bottom branches to give the insects a fighting chance. There are cats flying through the air all the time! As you can tell there is an on going battle in my garden at the moment!

The garden gives me a lot of pleasure though and a lot of inspiration too.

Summer Collage

My new little lady is completely inspired by my garden and summer and is why she has been named ‘Summer’, she has lots of little bees on her skirt and cardie!

Hope you’re all still enjoying summer too.

Thanks as always for dropping by and all your lovely comments.

Right I’m off out to patrol the garden again!

Happy new week! :)


Honeysuckle and roses, they just speak summer don’t they!


The hedgerows have been full of them this year, I think the recession has helped with our wild flowers, as the councils don’t seem to have the resources to keep the hedgerows trimmed and as a result all these beautiful flowers have been allowed to run riot!

Every cloud!


I love how honeysuckle and roses love to be together, growing beside each other and often around each other.


And the scent, two of the prettiest scents on the planet.


They’re not just in the hedgerows either, I have them both in my garden too.


They’re growing just below my bedroom window and the scent is amazing especially in the evenings.


Just like the hedgerows they’re growing side by side in my garden too.

Honeysuckle Collage

Is it any wonder then that I was inspired to create two new little summer girls. I think Honeysuckle will become one of my favourites, as I just love her cardie and skirt.

Rose Collage

I actually surprised myself that I hadn’t yet made a ‘Rose’, there has been a Lavender Rose, a Rosa and a Rosebud but never a Rose until now!


And here they are together in the garden as all honeysuckle and roses should be!

Happy Tuesday ! :)


I have finally got around to sorting out my photos from last week’s outings. We had lovely weather for my Hb’s time off work and we made the most of it by getting out and about, a lot!!! Be warned this is a very picture-heavy post!

These first lot of photos are from Antrim Castle Gardens, Co Antrim.

antrim gardens 1 Collage


antrim gardens 2 Collage


antrim gardens 3 Collage

All the following pics were taken at Gosford Forest Park, Co Armagh. Gosford has a huge castle which is now, believe it or not, used as apartments, quite a grand place to live!!


gosford 1 Collage


gosford 2 Collage


gosford 3 Collage



And finally our day out at the seaside, at Groomsport, Co Down.


groomsport 1 Collage


groomsport 2 Collage




So that was last week, if you are still with me, thank you, I just needed to get it all recorded.


The weather has been absolutely wonderful, not only last week but this week and by the sound of things next week too! Happy days!!

Thanks as always for dropping by, have yourselves a wonderful weekend! :)

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