Can I just start by saying that we don’t actually own any cats!
Although you wouldn’t think that from the amount of cat food we buy.
These are a few friends who visit us, some on a daily basis and others less frequently.
Some of them have homes and some are “of no fixed abode”.
The names given here are names that either my next door neighbour or ourselves have given them and of course may not be their “real” names.
What they all have in common is that they are all partial to a slice of cooked ham which is kept especially for them!



Rocky’s name was given to him by my neighbour and one look at his face shows how he got his name.
He is however such a “pussy cat” and when he spots you he races over and you can tell that in his head he thinks he’s still a fluffy little kitten!
Archie is in fact a girl and was named long before anyone could get close enough to realise.
She is a complete sweetheart and although I’m fond of them all, I do have a soft spot for Archie!



Ginger is a handsome boy, loves his food and also loves Archie!
Archie however maintains that they are “just good friends” !!
Tabby we believe does have her own home but drops in occasionally to eat with us.



Patch too has his own home but calls in from time to time for a slice of ham or two!
Rumour has it that his name is Socks in his parallel life but I suppose you’ll happily answer to anything when there’s ham involved!!
Lucy, who is a boy (it’s all very confusing) definitely does have a home next door but when all these other cats are having food it would be rude not to join in!

Its lovely to have these animals drop in for breakfast or lunch or dinner or supper or all of these !!
Yes, we always enjoy our visits from our “cat friends” ! ๐Ÿ™‚