May 2010

I love the buildings in France especially those in the little villages.
I love all the peeling paint.
The beautiful colours they are painted in, terracotta, peach, mustard yellow and duck egg blue.
I love the old doors and I absolutely adore the windows.
The shutters are so beautiful and the French really know how to make them pretty.

Well thats the end of my holiday snaps.
I do hope I haven’t completely bored you with my photos and that you have enjoyed sharing them with me! 🙂

The above photo is of a yacht that was moored in Cannes harbour and it describes perfectly todays post.
I’m going to let the photos do the talking today.
They are of the many beautiful colours we encountered in the towns, villages and markets we visited while on holiday.

I do hope you enjoyed that ! 🙂

Hello folks, well I’m back again from the very lovely south of France, the Cote d’Azur!
As the name suggests the colour of the sea is indeed a beautiful turquoise, in fact the picture above of Antibes doesnt really do it justice as it is much bluer in real life.
We stayed about halfway between Nice and Cannes in a little place called Biot quite close to Antibes.
We visited all the nearby towns and a few of the little villages.

This fountain is in the new town of Nice with its trams and modern shops.

The photo above looks down on the weekly flower market held every Saturday morning in the old town of Nice.
In my next post I’ll show you some photos of the colours to be seen in the market, it’s such a vibrant place.
I love the old town of Nice with its little narrow streets and lovely little shops.

Next we have Cannes, oh how I love Cannes!
It is such a beautiful place.

How I would love to have a yacht in Cannes harbour.
I could live that life, I really could. 🙂

The Cannes film festival was on while we were visiting.
People watching is great fun in Cannes, so many “beautiful” people!!

Next we have Monte Carlo and again we were very fortunate to be there at the time of the Monaco Grand Prix.
We visited on the Friday before the race and were lucky enough to get round the pits and walk the track.

I kept an eye out for Jenson and Lewis but unfortunately didn’t see them however my husband did manage to get a photo of Michael Schumacher!

Away from the towns and cities there are lots of lovely little villages where I think you get to see the “real” France.
The above photo is of the view from the Haute de Cagnes, a beautiful little walled village high up on a hill with very narrow little streets.

Valbonne, another lovely little village.

This is Menton which is on the border of France and Italy.

Menton is very pretty and you can definitely feel the architecture is becoming more Italian.

I’ll finish this post with a view of the beach at Menton and another look at that blue, blue sea!
In my next post I’ll bring you some of the colours from these towns and villages. 🙂

I’m off on my holidays tomorrow with my husband for nine days to the very beautiful south of France. 🙂
That is of course volcanic ash cloud permitting but things seem ok at the minute, lets hope they stay that way!
We’ve been twice before and we love it and are so looking forward to being there again.
So fingers crossed all goes to plan and we get away!
I’ll see you again when I get back, that’s if I get back.
Imagine, stuck on the Riviera, how awful!!!!!!!! lol

I’ll leave you with this little plaque that hangs in my greenhouse, let’s hope it’s still true!
See you soon! 🙂

I thought I would let you see my little vintage inspired corsages before I take them off to the craft shop.

I used pale muted coloured yarns and lace as well as pearl and cameo buttons.

I think they have a Victorian feel to them.

Anyway they’re off to the shop and we’ll see how they go!

Before I go, I have been given a blog award, the “Sunshine Award” to be precise by the lovely Amy of Dolly Features.

Now the rules of the award are as follows:-

– Put the award on your blog
– Pass the award to 12 positive and creative bloggers
– Link the chosen ones within your posts
– Inform the chosen ones by commenting on their blog
– Share the love and the link to the person who gave it to you

However I have always been very good at making up my own rules (just ask my kids) and I find it impossible to pick just 12 positive and creative bloggers.
All the blogs I read are written by positive and creative bloggers!
Many of the blogs I read have already been given the Sunshine Award and some of them are award free blogs.
So I’m passing the award on to all the bloggers listed on my blogroll to take up if they wish.
I do hope no one, especially Amy minds that I have made up my own rules.
I am honoured that Amy has given this award to me and I want to thank her very, very much. 🙂
I hope you will all go over and visit her little blog, Dolly Features.