Oh dear, I seem to have way too many projects on the hook and needles at the moment.
Don’t know how that happened! πŸ™‚
Well actually I do, I’m impatient to see how something’s going to look knitted/crocheted so I decide to do just a little bit just to see.

The above photo is of a bag I was inspired to make by a punnet of strawberries!
I adore strawberries and I really am having fun with this bag.
Need to get on with it though!

These little circles were started when I was on holiday but I’m afraid they have been overlooked ever since I have returned.
They are going to be trimmed with white and turned into squares – eventually!!
They will then become a little blanket which I hope to use in the garden, this summer (fingers crossed).

A couple of weeks ago I attended a workshop in the Glen Gallery, a lovely little craft shop in Co Antrim ( sorry no link as they don’t have a website unfortunately).
The workshop was being taken by designer Debbie Abrahams.
I’ve been to quite a few of Debbie’s workshops in the Glen Gallery and they are always a great day out!
The workshop was knitting lace in the round and the project was a little bag.
Of course you never get your project finished on the day but I still haven’t got my bag finished as I’ve been distracted by other things ever since!

When I was in my local yarn shop the other day ( no real need to be in there as I really didn’t need any yarn) I noticed this new yarn from Patons called Batik.
Naturally a ball of it had to come home with me.
Each ball is made up of a number of colours and comes with a free scarf pattern.
Of course I had to see what it looked like knitted up!!

I’ve been building up a collection of cotton/linen/bamboo yarns for my corsages.
There are quite a few yummy colours in my basket now.
When I came back from holidays the craft shop had sold out of my corsages, so I need to get some more made.

So I really need to settle myself down and get all of these projects finished.
It’s just that the weather is so lovely and there’s so much that needs doing in the garden that I seem to spend more time out there at the minute.
But hopefully I’ll be able to post about some finished items really soon!! πŸ™‚