This is the final year fashion collection of my daughter who graduates this year from the University of Ulster with a Bachelor of Design with First Class Honours and a Diploma in Industrial Studies with Commendation!
Do I sound proud?
Well thats because I am, extremely so!!

Last night we attended the end of year open night at the university where the students all had stands displaying their work.

Her collection “Babushka” was Russian inspired focusing on the architecture of St Basil’s Cathedral, Faberge Eggs and Russian Dolls.
Using machine knitwear, silks, jersey, denim and leather she made four complete outfits.

Last night everyone could view the students inspiration, their design drawings (which are little pieces of art in themselves), their samples right through to the finished garments.
The work was amazing!

There is an enormous amount of skill and time involved in the making of these collections, which I can personally vouch for having witnessed it close up!

However hard work pays off and the garments looked sensational made up in luscious fabrics.

Last Friday we attended the end of year fashion show and it was great to see the garments on human bodies!

The models brought the clothes to “life” and it was all very exciting.

This was Lyndsey taking her bow (rather reluctantly, I have to say) at the end of the show!
I have to thank my husband for the photos used in this post as I was too busy clapping to take any!!
It has been a very exciting few days from finding out her result last Thursday to the fashion show on Friday and then last nights end of year show.
We’re now looking forward to her graduation on 30th June.

To Lyndsey I would just like to say, well done sweetheart you have worked so hard and so deserve your First Class result!!!
We are all so very proud of you! xxx πŸ™‚