I hope if you’re reading this, you like flowers because this blog post is full of them!
I adore them and it’s great being able to spend time out in the garden enjoying them.
The weather here today is lovely and the forecast is looking good for the week ahead, so lots more garden time to come. πŸ™‚

The sweetpeas are just beginning to come out so looking forward to having vases of them in the house during the summer.

The summer bedding has all been planted in the various pots, planters, window boxes and beds.
We’ve got geraniums, bizzy lizzies, marigolds, lobeilia, allysum, begonias, salvia, verbena, petunias and pansies.
We’ve also got a variety of daisies which I really love! πŸ™‚

The azalea is in bloom at the moment, it’s a shame it lasts such a short time.

Then there are the lupins!
Boy, do I love the lupins!!

Some blooms in the greenhouse too.
This little cactus lives in the greenhouse and it seems to like that very much because for the past two years it has produced flowers something it never did when it lived in the house.
The greenhouse must be closer to its natural conditions.
Last year it produced one flower but this year it produced two.
The really sad thing is that the flowers only last for one day and then they die.
Such a shame as they are so beautiful!

There are also some flowers of the crochet variety too!!
Crocheted in lots of bright summer colours.

These little flowers have already been picked and set off to Ballydougan Pottery.

Wherever you are I hope you’re enjoying some flowers too, everyone should !! πŸ™‚