Albert Einstein is quoted as having said “if the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live”!
Now he was a pretty clever guy so perhaps we should pay attention to his words.
If they were his words that is, as some say he never actually said that!
Well whether he said it or not, or whether it is actually true, I think we should look after them anyway (just in case)!
There is evidence to suggest that the population of bees is on the decline.
So maybe we should all do our little bit to help the bees out!

This plant, a type of buddleia, which is growing in my garden is covered in bees.
There is so much noise from the buzzing it’s like watching a World Cup football match!!

It’s great to watch and to listen to them.
So whether Einstein was right or wrong or whether he said it or not….
It’s good to be doing it for the bees!! πŸ™‚