July 2010

We have had the most horrendous rain showers today! They lasted all morning right through to late afternoon.

So it’s been all umbrellas and coats even though it’s way too warm to wear a coat.

The poor plants don’t know whether to be grateful or not. On the one hand they’re getting the water they need but the rain is ever so hard on their petals. At least I don’t have to take the watering can out tonight.

Anyhow the rain has stopped now and there are plenty of pretty little droplets here and there on the flowers and leaves.

However photogenic these little droplets are I do hope we don’t have anymore tomorrow, we’ve had our fair share of rain today to last us for a while!

Have a lovely (dry) weekend!! 🙂

Just look at this absolutely gorgeous little purse that I received from my lovely blogging friend Mia. Isn’t it just soooo sweet, how cute is that little bird! 🙂
Mia lives in Finland and makes the most beautiful bags and purses plus many other wonderful things, you can see all her lovely creations on her blog HandmadebyMia.
Mia also has a very successful Etsy shop which you can find here, so go and check it out to see for yourself how talented she is!
I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to receive this pretty little purse in the post.
Thank you so much Mia for sending me this generous gift, I am so delighted with it and I really appreciate your kindness! 🙂

Spurred on by my Strawberry Bag (which now has a new mummy) I had a wee think about what other fruits I could use in my bag making. I was already knitting a green bag and hadn’t yet decided what I was going to decorate it with. Looking at the shade of yarn I was using the first fruit that came into my head were pears!

So I had a little play around with some nice yellow cotton and ended up with some pears, which I have to admit I was quite thrilled with. However I was a bit worried how they would look as they were a bit bigger than most of the other things I have put on my bags. So I attached them and they seemed to ‘sit’ ok. I then added a little bit of pear blossom, artistic license I know, as the blossom and the pear are never on the tree at the same time but it did finish it off.

Next I chose some fabric for the lining that tied in with the colours and this is the finished result!

It’s off to Balldougan Pottery tomorrow and hopefully it will find a new mummy too!

Picnic tables aren’t just for al fresco eating, oh no, not in our garden anyway !!! 🙂

How stunning are orange flowers.
I’m very pleased to have quite a few varieties of orange plants around the garden.
The beautiful lilies pictured above are one of my favourites.

At dusk orange flowers become even more pretty as they seem to ‘light up’ at that time of day.

I have a variety of marigolds, some have self-seeded from last year and pop up all over the place.

Then there are the lovely ganzias patiently waiting for the sun to unfurl their petals.

I just wonder do we have orange flowers to remind us of what the sun looks like on the days it fails to show up ??
Thank goodness we have them then, as we need that reminder quite often during a British summer! 🙂

I don’t have that many roses in my garden I’m sorry to say.
I’ll have to do something about that, I think.
This little beauty bloomed recently and very pretty it is too.
Unfortunately I don’t know what it is called, just that it is lovely.
Such a shame though that they don’t last a little longer than they do, it’s all over far too quickly!

I thought I’d produce some roses as well.
So I crocheted this little lot.

At least they will last a lot longer than the real ones!
No beautiful perfume though.

Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to smell the roses! 🙂

Don’t you just love them. 🙂
I do!
Unfortunately I didn’t grow the ones pictured above.
However mine are coming along nicely and hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy some very soon.

Slowly but surely they’re beginning to ripen.
Just need to make sure I get to them before any other garden visitors do!!
However in the mean time thank goodness for locally grown strawberries.

We enjoyed these delicious strawberries yesterday with lemon shortbread and cream.
The lemon shortbread recipe came from Julia Crossland’s blog.
Thanks Julia for kindly sharing your yummy recipe! 🙂

Strawberries of a different kind now!
The strawberry bag is now completed!

Lined in pretty strawberry fabric……

……and decorated with crocheted strawberries!

While we’re on the subject of bags can I just thank Rachael of Made with Love for featuring one of my bags on her Folksy Friday post.
You can check out all the lovely things Rachael makes and sells through her Folksy shop here.

Anyhow weather’s good, time for the garden.
Make sure you enjoy some strawberries this week ! 🙂

My daughter Lyndsey graduated from the University of Ulster yesterday and what a great day we all had!
The weather was kind to us with the sun shining, if a little breezy (hard to keep those gowns under control)!

The graduation took place at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, a wonderful building both inside and out.

Many, many photos where taken by me, her dad and of course the ‘official’ one which will eventually be framed and put up in our home alongside that of her brother.
However my favourite photos are the relaxed ones and the ‘over posed’ ones!

I’m quite sure she’ll have something to say about my choice of photos for this post! 🙂

I was assured that graduation was all ‘about the shoes’!
So ‘suitable shoes’ were of course purchased.

She received her degree from the new Chancellor of the University of Ulster, Dr James Nesbitt ( of ‘Cold Feet’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’ fame).

Her success was of course toasted afterwards with Bucks Fizz and we had a lovely family meal out in the evening !

I still can’t quite believe my baby has graduated, where does time go?
I can remember vividly taking her to her first day at nursery school.

We did have an absolutely wonderful day yesterday and many new memories were made.

To Lyndsey: well done on your brilliant achievment, you’ve made us very proud!
We know you’ll have a great future! xxx