My daughter Lyndsey graduated from the University of Ulster yesterday and what a great day we all had!
The weather was kind to us with the sun shining, if a little breezy (hard to keep those gowns under control)!

The graduation took place at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, a wonderful building both inside and out.

Many, many photos where taken by me, her dad and of course the ‘official’ one which will eventually be framed and put up in our home alongside that of her brother.
However my favourite photos are the relaxed ones and the ‘over posed’ ones!

I’m quite sure she’ll have something to say about my choice of photos for this post! 🙂

I was assured that graduation was all ‘about the shoes’!
So ‘suitable shoes’ were of course purchased.

She received her degree from the new Chancellor of the University of Ulster, Dr James Nesbitt ( of ‘Cold Feet’ and ‘Murphy’s Law’ fame).

Her success was of course toasted afterwards with Bucks Fizz and we had a lovely family meal out in the evening !

I still can’t quite believe my baby has graduated, where does time go?
I can remember vividly taking her to her first day at nursery school.

We did have an absolutely wonderful day yesterday and many new memories were made.

To Lyndsey: well done on your brilliant achievment, you’ve made us very proud!
We know you’ll have a great future! xxx