Spurred on by my Strawberry Bag (which now has a new mummy) I had a wee think about what other fruits I could use in my bag making. I was already knitting a green bag and hadn’t yet decided what I was going to decorate it with. Looking at the shade of yarn I was using the first fruit that came into my head were pears!

So I had a little play around with some nice yellow cotton and ended up with some pears, which I have to admit I was quite thrilled with. However I was a bit worried how they would look as they were a bit bigger than most of the other things I have put on my bags. So I attached them and they seemed to ‘sit’ ok. I then added a little bit of pear blossom, artistic license I know, as the blossom and the pear are never on the tree at the same time but it did finish it off.

Next I chose some fabric for the lining that tied in with the colours and this is the finished result!

It’s off to Balldougan Pottery tomorrow and hopefully it will find a new mummy too!