August 2010

Yes I’m still clinging on to summer by my finger nails! I don’t want to let it go! Mind you it was still summer here today. We had a beautiful, sunny, warm day and the above photo was taken in my garden this afternoon. The butterflies were queueing up for the buddleia.

The tortoiseshells are very good at posing for the camera, there were some cabbage whites as well but they would not stay still long enough to get a photo. Such beautiful creatures and a very summery image I think. See it’s still here!!

The garden is still producing some good pickings as well and we are still happily enjoying our homegrown produce.

There are still lots of flowers blooming in the garden as well and things are still looking, dare I say summery!!

Now I do know it’s not going to last forever but having a beautiful day like the one we had here today makes you realise that it’s not autumn yet. We are still in August which is a summer month so lets not be too hasty in welcoming the autumn time just yet!

I have been given a blog award by the lovely Melanie from Cosy Living blog.
The rules of the award are as follows:-

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Tell 7 things about yourself.

Award 15 other bloggers that you enjoy reading.

Well firstly, thank you very much Melanie for giving me the award, it was very kind of you! 🙂

Now 7 things about myself :-

1. I despise cruelty in any shape or form to animals and also the people who carry it out.
2. I’m left-handed (a sign of intelligence, or so I’m told) !!!
3. I absolutely love toffee apples.
4. I adore rabbits.
5. I don’t drive, never learnt, have no desire to.
6. Coronation Street is my favourite TV programme.
7. I love Italian food.

Now the final bit of the blog award is where I’m going to fail I’m afraid as I couldn’t possibly pick just 15 blogs that I enjoy. There are way more than that on my blog roll and I enjoy all of them. So if you’re on my blog roll this award is for you! I hope Melanie doesn’t mind that I have broken the rules!!

And finally, I’m going on a bit of a jolly. My husband and I fly to London on Sunday for a mini break, we’ll be back middle of next week.
I’m looking forward to visiting Buckingham Palace and the V & A Museum also a little bit of shopping in Liberty and Anthropologie to name just a few things! Hopefully the sun will shine on us, I’m sure it will, it is still summer after all!! 😉

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, whatever you get up to! 🙂

You may remember the beginnings of this scarf here. Well I have managed to get around to finishing it and when I got started to it, it really didn’t take that long. It is knitted in Patons Batik yarn which comes in a variety of multi-coloured shades. The pattern is extremely easy to do with only 15 stitches on size 8mm needles. The pattern is on the ball band and it only takes one ball for the scarf. It is 80% cotton/20% polyester and the high cotton content means that it is lovely and soft and good for a scarf as it means no itchy, scratchy yarn around your neck. The colour range is great and you’ll notice that my choice has some duck egg blue in it (I’m sure I can get some help for this addiction!!).

Now when the autumn eventually arrives I’ll be ready with my new scarf! You’ll notice I said ‘eventually arrives’ as it is not here yet. Now autumn has been mentioned a few times in blogland already this week but I refuse to accept that it’s close. I mean look at the leaves on my tree in the top photo, lovely and green, not autumnal at all. Now don’t get me wrong I do like autumn. I love autumn colours in fact they are my favourite colours (apart from duck egg blue that is) but it has to be at least 6 weeks away!! We have to fit in the Indian Summer first. So we’ll not mention the ‘A’ word here for a few weeks yet. Probably by the time I get round to talking about the ‘A’ word everyone else will be beginning to talk about the ‘C’ word but don’t get me started on that !!!

Anyhow at least I’m ahead of the game for once with my new scarf. 🙂

This poor little chair was on it’s way to be dumped when I saw it outside my next door neighbours house. It had belonged to her mother-in-law who had died a few years back in her eighties, so it has been around for quite some time. I asked her if I could have it as I thought it was a nice little chair. She agreed and so the make-over began.

Firstly I rubbed it down with wire wool and then gave it a coat of primer.

It then got two coats of gloss in duck egg blue, which happens to be my most favourite colour at the moment! Then it moved into it’s new home in the corner of my greenhouse.
I’ve just finished this little blanket and I think it goes quite well with the chair.

This is my version of the blanket from Dottie Angel it’s Tif’s ‘Ordinarily Extraordinary Blanket’. Quite a relaxing little make it is too! A photo of the full blanket can be found here.

So that’s the story of the little rescued chair. I like this little corner of my greenhouse, the rest of it is full of tomatoes (as it should be, it is a greenhouse after all). It’s just nice to have a pretty corner to keep me happy until I can have something like the one pictured below which is taken from Septembers’ Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

A girl can dream, can’t she!!!

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

We are now starting to reap the benefits of all the seed planting!
Courgettes have been picked and eaten and I have sowed some more as they are so delicious! I have never grown them before and I just couldn’t believe the difference in taste to shop bought ones.

Tomatoes are coming along nicely too. This is my first truss to ripen, it’s a beef tomato. I also planted Moneymaker and an Italian variety. Someone brought me the seeds from Italy and as my Italian is non-existent I’m not quite sure what they are only that they are quite big! I have a really good crop of tomatoes so we’ll be enjoying them for some time to come.

The peas that I planted are a variety that are grown in pots, so I don’t have a huge amount of them, but they are lovely. I probably won’t have enough for a meal so we just pick them and eat them raw, they are so sweet!
Strawberries are much the same, there never seems to be enough ripe at the one time, so it’s pick and eat before the birds or slugs and snails do!

There are always plenty of salad leaves too, they just keep coming.
It’s great being able to go out to the garden at lunchtime and bring in something for a sandwich which is freshly picked and hasn’t travelled miles before it reaches your bread!! 🙂

Now these little corsages haven’t been named after the person who crocheted them!
I gave them the name dotty due to the little dots of colour on the chalky white yarn they have been crocheted in. There are little splashes of primary shades throughout the yarn. I have picked out these colours in the fabrics that I have covered the buttons in for the centres.

Actually the centres remind me of big Smarties!!
You know what ?
I think I might need a tube of Smarties now after all that crocheting!! 😉