This poor little chair was on it’s way to be dumped when I saw it outside my next door neighbours house. It had belonged to her mother-in-law who had died a few years back in her eighties, so it has been around for quite some time. I asked her if I could have it as I thought it was a nice little chair. She agreed and so the make-over began.

Firstly I rubbed it down with wire wool and then gave it a coat of primer.

It then got two coats of gloss in duck egg blue, which happens to be my most favourite colour at the moment! Then it moved into it’s new home in the corner of my greenhouse.
I’ve just finished this little blanket and I think it goes quite well with the chair.

This is my version of the blanket from Dottie Angel it’s Tif’s ‘Ordinarily Extraordinary Blanket’. Quite a relaxing little make it is too! A photo of the full blanket can be found here.

So that’s the story of the little rescued chair. I like this little corner of my greenhouse, the rest of it is full of tomatoes (as it should be, it is a greenhouse after all). It’s just nice to have a pretty corner to keep me happy until I can have something like the one pictured below which is taken from Septembers’ Country Homes & Interiors magazine.

A girl can dream, can’t she!!!

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂