Yes I’m still clinging on to summer by my finger nails! I don’t want to let it go! Mind you it was still summer here today. We had a beautiful, sunny, warm day and the above photo was taken in my garden this afternoon. The butterflies were queueing up for the buddleia.

The tortoiseshells are very good at posing for the camera, there were some cabbage whites as well but they would not stay still long enough to get a photo. Such beautiful creatures and a very summery image I think. See it’s still here!!

The garden is still producing some good pickings as well and we are still happily enjoying our homegrown produce.

There are still lots of flowers blooming in the garden as well and things are still looking, dare I say summery!!

Now I do know it’s not going to last forever but having a beautiful day like the one we had here today makes you realise that it’s not autumn yet. We are still in August which is a summer month so lets not be too hasty in welcoming the autumn time just yet!

I have been given a blog award by the lovely Melanie from Cosy Living blog.
The rules of the award are as follows:-

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Tell 7 things about yourself.

Award 15 other bloggers that you enjoy reading.

Well firstly, thank you very much Melanie for giving me the award, it was very kind of you! 🙂

Now 7 things about myself :-

1. I despise cruelty in any shape or form to animals and also the people who carry it out.
2. I’m left-handed (a sign of intelligence, or so I’m told) !!!
3. I absolutely love toffee apples.
4. I adore rabbits.
5. I don’t drive, never learnt, have no desire to.
6. Coronation Street is my favourite TV programme.
7. I love Italian food.

Now the final bit of the blog award is where I’m going to fail I’m afraid as I couldn’t possibly pick just 15 blogs that I enjoy. There are way more than that on my blog roll and I enjoy all of them. So if you’re on my blog roll this award is for you! I hope Melanie doesn’t mind that I have broken the rules!!

And finally, I’m going on a bit of a jolly. My husband and I fly to London on Sunday for a mini break, we’ll be back middle of next week.
I’m looking forward to visiting Buckingham Palace and the V & A Museum also a little bit of shopping in Liberty and Anthropologie to name just a few things! Hopefully the sun will shine on us, I’m sure it will, it is still summer after all!! 😉

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, whatever you get up to! 🙂