Why Fruit Salad corsages? Well it’s just that they remind me so much of Fruit Salad chews. They’re the bright pink and orange colours of the raspberry and pineapple chews! I don’t eat Fruit Salad chews any more being vegetarian as they contain beef gelatine which is of course a no-no for vegetarians. Shame they have to put gelatine in chews, there’s bound to be something else they can use instead other than boiled up animal bits!!!

You’ll notice my little posy in the photos also in Fruit Salad colours. Sadly that’s the last of my sweet pea! 😦 Bit by bit the summer flowers are coming to an end.

Anyhow I hope you like my little Fruit Salad corsages, they’re a little bit of brightness on increasingly less bright days!

There’s bound to be an alternative to beef gelatine, come on Fruit Salad people think of the vegetarians!!!!