I don’t know I can’t seem to get much crafting done at the minute. Too much washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and other such boring things!! I have however managed to complete these little blue cotton roses, at the request of a dear friend, thanks Mia for getting me motivated ! 🙂

I still have a lot of unfinished items sitting about which hopefully will get completed soon.

Now you’ve seen the blue roses so what about the pink?
Well look at this little fighter……..

…….. in bud in all this dreadful weather. I don’t know if it will make it into flower after all the torrential rain and gales we’ve had and are forecast still to get but bless it, it’s trying!

When I was in the greenhouse to photograph my corsages (good daylight with the added benefit of being warm and dry), I noticed my geraniums still in bloom but they’re quite cosy inside away from the elements. Actually the photos look like they were taken on a summer’s day (I wish). At least they’re something bright to look at on a grey day, we can do with all the brightness we can get these days. Like the wonderful news of the royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, another bit of brightness on a grey day! I’m so looking forward to their wedding, oh I do love a royal wedding! 🙂

Finally I’ll leave with this little pile which is destined to become a cushion cover for the Dutch Sisters Pillow Swap. My swap partner stated that she didn’t want a knitted or crocheted cushion which is a bit unfortunate as that is my ‘thing’. The extent of my sewing is to sew up a lining for my bags which isn’t that testing! I’ll just have to pretend that it’s a big bag lining!!
I’ll let you see how I get on!

Enjoy the rest of the week, can you believe it’s Wednesday already!