You’ll remember I introduced you to ‘my park’ here, well today I’m going to take you on another park walk but this time it’s a snowy one!

Yesterday afternoon we got wrapped up put our boots on and took ourselves off for a wintery walk.

We had what I consider to be the right amount of snow, enough to make the park and gardens pretty and festive but not too much so that the country came to a standstill. The roads were clear and everyone could get about their lives.

The park looked stunning in it’s covering of snow!

Although a lot had thawed due to the morning sunshine, the greenery still had a little frosting.

The lake had frozen around the edges and the wildfowl were going for a walk along the top of it.

The sun was beginning to set and the sky was beautiful.

It’s such a novelty for us to get ‘Christmas card’ photos like this at this time of year!

The silhouettes of the bullrushes against the sky and frozen lake were brilliant.

Yes it was cold but it was very beautiful and it felt good to get outside and have a good walk to blow away the cobwebs.
We never take for granted what a privilege it is to live near this wonderful park!

Have a great week everyone and if it’s possible wrap up warm and get out there and enjoy the season! 🙂