Good Monday morning to you all! 🙂

Well it’s finished, the little bag I gave you a glimpse of last week.
It’s similar in size and shape to the Apple Bag but obviously different in design.

I’ve lined it in lovely autumnal fabric which of course was the inspiration for my leaves. After quite a bit of fiddling about with graph paper I got what I think and hope looks like a leaf.

The top of the bag is then finished off with a bit of lattice knitting.

On the subject of leaves you may remember last week I showed you the above left hand photo of my cherry tree and was surprised at how green it still looked. Just look at the change in it this week in the right hand photo. It obviously wants to tone in with my bag!

I’m sure you all have noticed my new banner at the top of my blog. Well all credit for that goes to my very talented graphic designer son. Thanks Stuart! 🙂

Have a great week everyone!!! 🙂