A little while ago I told you all that I was taking part in the Dutch Sisters Pillow Swap. Well my cushion arrived at the end of last week and lovely it is too! It came all the way from Canada from Lee. We had to say what our favourite colours were in the initial email and I have to say that Lee definitely included all my favourite colours! Green, duck egg blue and brown are all there! πŸ™‚

Lee also included these lovely fabric cards that she makes!
I would just like to thank her very much for the gorgeous cushion and also for the pretty cards.

Now that Lee has received the cushion I sent her I can show you my effort and I have to say I’m quite pleased with myself on this one!! In Lee’s email she said that she would prefer a fabric cushion to one knitted or crocheted. I have to say I panicked a bit at this as knitting and crochet are what I do but I had a go at what is a very simple patchwork and applique cushion. Lee also said she liked traditional colours and that a Christmas cushion would be quite nice. I think and I hope it turned out ok, probably to the eye of a professional it will have many faults but I did my best!

You’re maybe wondering now will I be taking up sewing, patchwork and applique! Well the answer to that is absolutely not, sewing bag linings are as far as I’m going with the sewing! Give me my needles, hooks and yarn any day!! πŸ™‚

Hope you’re all having a great week and are managing to stay warm. It was -12 deg C here last night and it’s supposed to get colder tonight! Brrrrr! Although the forecast said it should be up to 8 deg by Saturday, that’s practically tropical!!! πŸ™‚