Today is the Winter Solstice or the Shortest Day! The day with the least hours of daylight in the whole year and as I type this at just after 4.00 pm it is dusk although as we have had freezing fog for a couple of days now it is hard to know when it is daylight!!
Today, during the day the temperatures here have been about -10 deg C and tonight they’re now predicting some places in N.Ireland may drop to -20 deg C. We make Narnia seem warm!!!

I thought of where I would like to take some photos to mark the Shortest Day but where else would I do it other than in one of my favourite places, ‘my park’!
Now even though it’s absolutely freezing there is no doubt that everywhere is stunningly beautiful.

These fellows are very glad to see the human visitors at the moment!

Some people arrived at the same time as us carrying a big bag of bread and the geese arrived from everywhere.

They’re such attractive birds, very intelligent and extremely funny. 🙂

The photos above were taken in the garden this morning, it’s amazing how the frost makes the ordinary totally beautiful!

Below are the patterns the frost has made on the glass in my greenhouse, so pretty.

I find the Shortest Day a very hopeful day, a day when things begin to change for the better. We’ve climbed to the top of the hill (a slippery hill at that) and now it’s all downhill to longer days and warmer weather. Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour the days will lengthen and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to that. To garden days and greenhouse days, to flowers, bees and sunshine. Happy days! 🙂

While I’m on the subject of greenhouses, just look at this little lot, thriving away in my greenhouse with the help of a paraffin heater.
My sweetpea for next summer, now if that’s not hopeful, I don’t know what is!

Stay warm folks, only 4 more sleeps!! 🙂