Hi everyone, hope you’re all well and getting up to more exciting things than me! I’m spring cleaning at the moment, not my favourite thing to do but it has to be done! When I decide to do it, I won’t rest until it’s finished. These days I’m either accompanied by a hoover, a duster, a bottle of bleach or all three!

One of the good things about spring cleaning though are the number of things that get turned up that haven’t been seen in a little while! One of those items is my mum’s button box!

I can remember playing with this tin of buttons when I was a little girl and I also remember that it was a fun thing to do!

These little metal buttons belonged to my dad, he worked in an engineering company when I was small and I remember watching him hooking them into his boiler suit to go to work. They would have been removed so the boiler suit could be cleaned and then had to be put back on again.

The small pink fabric covered button at the left side of the photo beside the large green button is from my mum’s wedding dress! My mum and dad were married during the second world war in 1944 and mum didn’t have a traditional wedding dress. Everything was rationed and hard to come by and as it would use up so many clothing coupons a practical dress had to be made, one that could be used afterwards. I still have the dress wrapped up in tissue and in a case in my attic, I must get it out some day and photograph it to let you see it.

I don’t know how long this tin has been around, I don’t know if my mum started it or if she got it from her mother. Some of the buttons are very old and I don’t remember seeing them on clothing so they go back before my time.

During spring cleaning many things get thrown out or recycled but not this tin, it just gets dusted and put back in it’s place until the next time, too many memories! πŸ™‚

Just a little reminder that the 100th post giveaway is still open until midnight (GMT) Sunday 16th January if you would still like to take part.

Have a lovely weekend folks and I’ll see you next week! πŸ™‚