Today is my son’s birthday and I would like to wish him a very, very happy birthday!!! 🙂

We had a family birthday lunch and birthday cake for him on Sunday and tonight we’re going out for a meal in a Thai restaurant (his favourite).

Have a great day, son! xxx

On the crafting front, I’m still working away at my little mohair brooches. I had forgotten how much I love mohair yarn.

I have been given another blog award, this time by my lovely blogging friend Mia! Thank you ever so much for thinking about me, Mia.

This award is different to most as it is given to crafty-blogs, which have less than 300 readers, to encourage more people to visit you and see your handmades, you then pass it on to some more crafty blogs.

Now usually I break the rules of blog awards and pass it on to all on my blog list. This time I’m going to follow the rules because I really like the idea of this award. There are many bloggers out there crafting away and running little on-line shops and I think it’s great that they get some recognition for that. So I’m passing it on to bloggers who have according to the rules of the award have less than 300 readers, my choices also run a little crafting business and have an on-line shop. Working with these rules, one of my choices would have been Mia but as she gave it to me I can’t give it back but if you haven’t visited before please do as her creations are beautiful! Another blog I would have included is Harmony and Rosie but someone has beaten me to it and already given Kate this award, yet another blog and shop worth a visit.

So here are my other choices who I think haven’t yet been given the award and who in my opinion deserve it!

1. Janes Journal

2. Hortensia

3. Itchin’ Stitchin’

4. Jenny Arnott

Please do go and check out these lovely crafty blogs and thanks again Mia for your kind words!

I had better get on with some work now as I have to get ready for a lovely birthday meal this evening! Enjoy your evening too, however you spend it! 🙂