Well I’m still spring cleaning and turning up things that haven’t been seen in a while.
Today I’m sharing some of my old knitting patterns.

These patterns belonged to my aunt and I keep them safely tucked away from the daylight. I have some more patterns that belonged to my mother and they’re in the attic but like all things that are in our attic, I know they’re up there I just don’t know where! My husband says that one day we’ll live in a bungalow as the first floor will collapse under the weight of the attic.

I do find these patterns amusing, what passed as style, the pose of the models and the fact that the men are seen with cigarettes! You definitely wouldn’t see that nowadays!!

However there’s a lot to be learned from patterns like these, new little stitch patterns and the fairisle is beautiful. However I don’t think I’ll be wearing any of those hats any way soon!!

Looking through these patterns got me thinking about my own patterns and how they date back to the late seventies/ early eighties and are probably classed as vintage now too! I love the patterns from the eighties, lots of mohair ( my renewed love). Then there are the nineties patterns which would have been the garments and toys I knit for my own children. With my aunts patterns going back to the fifties and possibly even the forties plus my own patterns I have knitting patterns which span seven possibly eight decades. That’s a lot of knitting!

Have a great weekend folks and thanks for dropping in to see me, it’s always lovely to have you visit! 🙂