Well it’s the start of a new month and time to have a look at my sycamore tree again and see how it’s moving towards spring. At first glance it doesn’t seem to have changed much but close up it has a lot more buds than the January tree photo.

It is very springlike here this morning and before I went into the garden the tree was full of starlings chirping and chattering and preening themselves in the morning sunshine, I think they thought it was like spring too!

The tight little buds are waiting just for the right moment to burst open, hope that little moment will be soon, then we’ll know for sure that spring has arrived.

Underneath the tree the little bulbs are pushing their way through and it won’t be long until we have crocuses and then bluebells!

Now I know that February is still a winter month but it’s a winter month with a touch of spring. With the lighter evenings and certainly with our lovely weather here this morning, I feel spring is close!
Happy days ! 🙂