Well here we are at the last Splash of Colour post organised by Emma of Silverpebble. When the Splash of Colour posts started at the beginning of November, spring seemed a long way off and now, happily, it’s just around the corner.

This month I thought that flowers seemed the most appropriate subjects as we look forward to springtime. The above daffodil is from my first bunch of daffodils of the year. This lovely bunch of flowers are definitely brightening up my living room and me too, when I look at them!!

This pretty little pot of tete a tete are having the same effect on the kitchen!

Last weekend I bought this lovely box of primula to cheer up my window boxes, which are a bit sad looking after the severe weather at Christmas time. Something pretty to look out at when I’m busy in the kitchen. Primula have the most intense colours, just gorgeous and just the right flower for this time of year.

Now I have just finished my spring cleaning. Am I feeling quite self-righteous? You bet I am !!! My theory is, get the spring cleaning done during January then when spring does arrive you won’t have to waste it cleaning!! Spring should be for gardening, walking, knitting, crocheting, baking and all the other pleasant things in life, certainly not cleaning! Now during my spring cleaning many things turn up and I have shared some of them already. This last week I’ve been cleaning my kitchen cupboards and when this gets done all my china (and there is quite bit of it) gets taken out, washed and put back, sadly I never seem to use any of it anymore. We got so many teasets as wedding presents and my last Splash of Colour photo shows one of them. It’s Royal Albert’s Lady Carlisle and although I’m generally not a ‘pink person’ this china is so pretty, I thought I would share it with you.

Just before I go I would like to thank Emma for coming up with the Splash of Colour idea. It helped get us through the dark days of winter and always kept us on the look-out for colour.
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