You all know by now about my love of mohair, with my mohair corsages and Smokey Bear.
Well I decided I would like some new mohair and I sent for these lovely balls of yarn from here.

I thought this time I would make a scarf but not a normal straight up and down scarf, one made up of little crochet motifs.

I used the duck egg blue colour, now this is the name that the company have given it, personally I think it’s more of a blue grey rather than duck egg. It is still a very beautiful shade. I had to use the yarn doubled as it is a very, very fine mohair.

I used up the whole ball of yarn and I got 11 little motifs from it. I joined them together as I went along, at a slight angle each time so that they didn’t form a straight row.
It’s not a huge scarf, it’s decorative rather than practical but I’m quite pleased with the outcome!

Before I go I would just like to thank the lovely Emma from Sylvie’s Garden for awarding me ‘The Stylish Blogger’ award. Now as I have received this award before you can find the ‘7 things’ about me here in this post. As for passing it on if you’re reading this and you haven’t yet received this award, then I’m awarding it to you!! Thanks again Emma for being so kind !

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you all next week! 🙂