Yesterday we went horse riding, when I say we I mean my daughter went riding, her dad and I watched. It’s a few years since she has been, she started riding at 14 years old and continued doing so every week until the age of 16 when ‘A’ levels got in the way and there just wasn’t enough hours in the week to fit everything in. Riding then had to take a back seat but she always said she would go back to it one day and seven years later, yesterday was that day.
We had kept all the horse riding gear carefully packed away and she was delighted that it all still fitted!
Going to the riding lessons was always a pleasure for me, although I don’t ride myself I loved being around these beautiful animals and it was great to be back.

Happily it all came back to her and she was so pleased that she could still do it, I think it’s one of those things that you never forget. She spent some of the lesson in the arena practising her rising trot and cantering and generally getting used to getting back in the saddle. Then they all went out down a little country lane for a hack. Something so nice about watching people on horseback in the countryside.

This is the very beautiful and gentle Belle who was Lyndsey’s friend for the day!

And this is Tilly, who was Lyndsey’s pony when she was riding here 7 years ago. We asked if she was still at the riding school and they brought us to where she was stabled. At the moment this photo was taken she was pawing the ground because she knew I had a packet of polo mints in my pocket, happily this gorgeous girl hasn’t changed a bit. Needless to say she had half a packet of mints before I left her!

We all really enjoyed ourselves, such a lovely way to spend some time and guess what we’re all going back again next weekend! 🙂