Hi everyone, just popping in to wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

I treated myself to a nice bunch of gerbera today to bring a bit of sunshine into the house, although today has been quite nice, sunshine has been in short supply around here this week. Hopefully the weekend will be sunny and bright.

I have no idea where this week has gone to, I haven’t got half the things done that I wanted too.
One thing that has been finished (thanks to my husband) is my raised bed. It has been put in place and now we just need to get it filled.

I did manage to get some seeds planted in the greenhouse for veggies that I want to grow in the new bed. I’ve got onions, two types of carrot, courgettes, beetroot, spring onions, peas and beans all sown.

One of the things I didn’t manage to get finished was this bag, hopefully I’ll get round to some knitting over the weekend.

Anyhow I had better love you and leave you and get on with some more things that I need to do before dinner, as you can see from the above photo it’s getting a lot like Easter around here!!

Hope you all have a wonderful, sunny weekend!!! ๐Ÿ™‚