One of the prettiest sights of the moment is cherry blossom!
In gardens and parks, it’s everywhere and it’s beautiful.

The colours vary from white to various shades of pale pink right through to the deepest magenta.
My cherry tree produces gorgeous white blossom which when pictured against the blue skies we’ve been fortunate to have of late is simply stunning.

So with all this beautiful blossom about I’ve been inspired to make another little bag which you have had a few glimpses of in recent posts.

This is my cherry blossom bag knitted in an alpaca/cotton mix yarn in what I can only describe as cherry blossom pink.

I have lined it in a pretty little pink floral fabric and …..

….. have given it creamy white crocheted cherry blossom flowers and knitted leaves.

The little Easter bunny parade seem to approve!!!

Happy Monday everyone and as always thanks for dropping in! 🙂