I can’t believe this is my fourth tree picture this year, where on earth has the last three months gone to. That’s a quarter of the year gone already!!! This month sees a big change in the tree although it is hard to see from this photo as my neighbour’s conifers spoil the view a bit. I have to say I’m not fond of conifers, I much prefer the trees that are natural to this country.
This morning we have a grey sky which is the first time this has happened since I began photographing the sycamore tree on the 1st of each month.

Close up you can see how the buds are now bursting open and unfurling their new fresh little leaves, the good weather of late has certainly helped them along.

The blossom on the cherry tree is about to open too! The cherry tree was way behind the sycamore in coming to life but it seems to have caught up and overtaken it now!

If last week it was all about purple and yellow in the garden, this week is all about red and pink.

My first tulip opened up this week and it won’t be long until I have a few more.

Well as we are now into April by my reasoning it is now Easter and if it’s now Easter then it’s time we had some more rabbits around here!!

This little beauty was sent to me by my lovely bloggy friend Jill, isn’t she gorgeous. 🙂 Thanks Jill, I love her! You’ll probably see a few more bunnies sneaking into blog posts over the next few weeks!

Thanks as always for popping in to see me this week!
Happy April and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂