Happy May Day!!!
Can you believe it’s May already, it really amazes me how fast time flies. At this time of year I would prefer it to slow down a little!
Well the first of a new month means it’s time to look at my tree again and as has been the case with the first of every month this year it has been a beautiful day.
The tree is now in full leaf and very lovely it looks too. It is heavy with leaves, before I couldn’t reach the bird feeders that hang in the tree without standing on something but now the branches are weighed down with leaves and I can fill the feeders easily.

What a difference a month makes, just look at the change in the tree in just over four weeks, the photo on the left was from the beginning of April and today’s photo is on the right. I always think of May as the ‘green’ month as all the trees and plants look so lush with all their new foliage.

Lots of growth in the greenhouse too, with all these little vegetable seedlings ready for transplanting out.

The strawberry plants are in bloom too!

The tulips are still in flower in the garden, they bridge the gap between the daffodils and the summer plants.

My lupins are coming into bloom too, much earlier than usual, I never ever remember having lupins this early. In fact when I checked back through my posts, I blogged about my lupins in the middle of June last year!
Well I do hope this good weather continues, I have a lot to do in the garden tomorrow, what with transplanting seedlings and getting my young tomatoes into their growbags and general tidying up of beds etc. We go on holiday to the south of France next week and I want to make sure all is in order before we go.

I hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding, I definitely did, I didn’t miss a second of it. It was wonderful from start to finish, they looked so happy. So nice to have good news for a change. I hope the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ( and Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus, I have to mention the local title! 🙂 ) have a long and very happy marriage.

Have a great week and enjoy the beautiful month of May! 🙂