Hello everyone I’m back! I can’t say I’m terribly thrilled about that though as it’s been cold, showery and breezy since my return and as you can see from my opening photo of sun, blue sky and palm trees I had become very used to the complete opposite! Temperatures reached 33 degrees C on some days and as we approached Belfast International Airport on the way back the pilot announced that the temperature was 11 degrees C, you could hear everyone on the plane groan at the same time!
We did have an absolutely wonderful time and enjoyed every second of our trip. I took lots and lots of photos and to be honest I was a bit overwhelmed with them and didn’t know which to use in my blog posts. I didn’t want to repeat myself as we were in the south of France last year on holiday but I decided that it will probably take three posts to cover everything I want to, so I hope you will indulge me and that I won’t bore you all too much.
In this post I want to show you some of the lovely places we visited on the very beautiful Cote d’Azur.

This is Cannes, one of my very favourite places. I think this photo shows both sides of this pretty town, the old town in the distance and the shiny expensive yachts that fill the harbour which are used by the (very) rich and famous!

I think I might buy myself this little one as it’s soooo my colour! 😉

The International Film Festival was on while we were there and here you can see them hoovering the red carpet for all the ‘beautiful’ people who would use it over the period of the festival. What you can’t see is that behind me the press were on their stepladders waiting for the stars. I have to say we didn’t see anyone famous as I haven’t the patience to wait for them. I would much rather see ……….


and this, which to me is the real Cannes!

This picturesque little place is St Paul de Vence, it is a small walled town built on a hill and is the home to many artists and crafts people.

It has lots of pretty little craft shops and

there is a photograph waiting around every corner.

Next we have Grasse, the perfume capital of the world and as you climb up the steps to the old town you can smell the perfume in the air!

It is the home to a few perfumeries.

There was a rose festival on when we visited and there were stalls with all kinds of products made from roses including rose flavoured macaroons and rose petal jam. The streets were strewn with rose petals, all so pretty.

There were roses everywhere, it was beautiful!

This was my first visit to Grasse and I definitely would go back, I loved it.

Finally this is Villefranche-sur-Mer, a gorgeous little bay between Nice and Monaco, you can just see the train in this photo disappearing into the rock on it’s way to Monaco.

Again this is a place that wherever you turn there is a photo waiting to be taken.

Villefranche-sur-Mer is somewhere where people come to sit, have a drink and watch the world go by, very slowly.
Oh to be back there, would you join me, we could sit under one of those yellow parasols!

Well that’s my first installment of my Riviera holiday, I hope you’ll join me next time for a look around some French markets!