Tree time again, goodness the month’s just fly by don’t they!
Well the sycamore tree is now well into full bloom and again I got a good day to take my photo, every 1st of the month this year has been lovely, it’s just the rest of the month in most cases with the exception of April which has been awful!!
I’m surprised there are any leaves left on the tree at all after the all blustery winds we’ve had this past while, the garden was covered in it’s shiny new leaves.

The tree’s little helicopters are in the process of turning red. I looked up sycamore seeds to see what the helicopters are really called and they are samaras. This a word I’ve never heard off. As children we always called them helicopters, we used to throw them up and watch them flutter back down again, we’d have races with each other to see who would win.

I did a little mosaic to show the tree so far this year and you can see how it has come to life over the past six months.

As always thanks for dropping in and leaving your lovely comments. I hope you have a lovely rest of the week and a wonderful weekend, according to the weather forecast summer arrives this weekend, woohoo!!!! πŸ™‚