Time for another walk in ‘my park’. As today was as close as we have got to a summer’s day in a while, I thought today would be a good day to do it. There were still quite a few clouds about but they were raining on someone else and selfishly that was ok with me!! The air was so lovely and warm today and it was beautiful in the park!

The above photo is taken in an area that they let go wild. It just gets left alone and it’s wonderful what comes up, so very pretty.

The wildlife were enjoying the pleasant weather too. How cute is this little cygnet hitching a ride on it’s mother’s back!

The squirrels are very funny. 🙂

There are always blooms of some sort.

This was a first, American football, I have never seen this in the park before!

Through the trees the children were enjoying the play area in the good weather!

There you go folks, another walk in ‘my park’, hope you enjoyed it! 🙂