Lavender is one of my favourite plants! It’s scent takes me straight back to the south of France, to the flower market in Nice on a Saturday morning where the air is filled with it’s heady perfume!

I have a couple of lavender plants in my garden, not enough really to make it smell like Provence.

Inspired by the beautiful lavender and my new desire to work with cotton, fine needles and beads I have made a little lavender bag. It is knitted in 100% cream and purple cotton apart from the lavender stalks which are wool/cotton. It has a looped handle and is closed with a small purple heart button.

The back is knitted in cream and purple stripes.

Along the bottom of the front of the bag I have knitted in three rows of beads.

I have made a linen lavender pillow for the inside of the bag and filled it with ……….

………real French lavender brought back from France by myself a few weeks ago!

The bag is lined in a purple cotton fabric with little stars.

I knitted some lavender flowers and made them into a little corsage, which I’ve pinned to the front of the bag.

As the flowers have an attached brooch back they can be removed from the bag and worn as a corsage.

The linen lavender pillow is removable and measuring 16cm X 13cm the bag can be used for jewellery, make-up or for sewing accessories.

I may not have enough lavender plants in the garden to create the fragrance of Provence but working with it the house has filled the air with holiday memories!!! πŸ™‚

The bag can be found in my shop.