July 2011

Hi, just popping in to wish you all a great weekend and share some of my day with you!

Like enjoying the scent of these freshly picked sweetpeas.

While in the garden I also gathered myself some beetroot from the veg patch.

My little bargain of a jug which I bought in Poundland for, you guessed it £1, doesn’t it look like it was made for holding cosmos.

Another little bargain, two balls of Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply for £2 each! I know, I know I didn’t need it but at that price I had to get it! I know you all understand that. 🙂

Lovely new duck egg blue nail polish to paint my toe nails with. My daughter thought it was wonderful but I’m afraid I told her she couldn’t have first go! She’s 23 she’ll get over it, she’s a big girl now!! 😉

Home baked Yogurt Cake. This is so simple to make, you need a carton of yogurt (I used hazelnut but you can use whatever flavour you wish, mandarin is good too). Put the yogurt in a bowl but don’t throw away the carton, wash it out and use it as a measure. Add to the yogurt in the bowl 3 cartons of self raising flour, 2 cartons of sugar, 1 carton of sunflower oil and 3 eggs. Mix it all together and put it in a lined 2lb loaf tin and bake at 160 deg C for about an hour. Keep an eye on it and check it with a skewer to make sure it’s cooked through. A quick and easy cake!

A vegetarian dinner of champ made with my own home grown scallions and roasted peppers and onions.

And last but not least …….

The rose bag is finished!

I added a little beaded handle and I also made a little matching corsage which is pinned on and can be moved about or taken off and worn on a jacket instead. You can find it here.

Well that was my Friday, hope you had a good one too!
Thanks for dropping in to see me this week and for all your lovely comments especially all the ‘cat love’ in my last post. They’re doing really well and getting more gorgeous by the day.

Happy weekend everyone ! 🙂

A new bunch of flowers on the table.

A brilliant giveaway prize from the lovely Pomona. Thanks so much Pomona I love it!

Two gorgeous new craft book purchases.

Pretty new fabrics.

Yummy new yarn. I love new balls of yarn, they look so perfect, so much so that I sometimes don’t want to use them. Crazy I know, does anyone else ever feel like that or is it just me??

A new bag in the making.

Lots of new blooms in the garden.

And new babies…….

R.J. (Rocky Junior)



I have explained before about our cat friends. Well earlier this year a new one arrived, who we have named Kitty. It took us a long time to earn her trust and find out whether she was male or female by the time we did she was already expecting kittens. Eleven weeks ago she gave birth to five babies in my next door neighbours garage, sadly two of them died. We weren’t sure who the daddy was until the kittens were born as there are a couple of tom cats about but when we saw them we knew that Rocky was the father! R.J. (Rocky Junior) was named after his daddy and he is quite friendly but a work in progress, Polly named by my daughter is the most friendly and quite enjoys a cuddle and Lily named by my neighbour will not come near any of us and to be honest we’re not quite sure if she really is a Lily or not!

This is R.J. with his mum, Kitty. They are so adorable and I have to say we spend hours just watching them play, they are such fun!
We have contacted the Cats Protection League who are happy to neuter mother and kittens, my neighbour and I are happy to look after them and see that they are all fed and get any medical treatment they ever need. They sleep in my neighbours garage, it’s where they were born and to them it’s their home. I don’t suppose they will ever be house cats, Kitty still won’t be picked up and just allows a quick stroke.

This is Polly and Lily enjoying their lunch. I think getting them to the vets for their operations is going to be a stressful time for animals and humans but it must be done.
As for all our other cat friends they are all still visiting with the exception of Patch, who sadly is no longer with us. Patch did have his own home but always dropped in for a slice of ham, he was lovely and we miss him.
Our neighbours are on holiday at the moment, so we have sole responsibility for looking after them, seeing that they get fed and that they are all safe and sound, believe me it’s a full-time job!!!

Goodness this post ended up being much longer than I intended, if you’re still here, well done!
Beautiful day here, hope it is with you to, happy Tuesday! 🙂

I’m still on the rose theme at the moment. These roses however are not prize winning show roses, just my humble little garden roses but just as lovely I think.

My dad gave me a cutting of this rose a few years back. He had it growing in his garden after he had taken a cutting from the garden of a little cottage he had lived in as a child. Even though the cottage was no longer being lived in the rose was still growing in the garden. My grandparents had brought the rose to the cottage when they had moved from another home where it was growing in that garden.

So I know it has been growing in at least four different gardens. We lost my dad four years ago at the age of 88, by my reckoning this rose has been on the go for almost 100 years if not more.

It’s a very special little rose to me!

Now in my last post I said I had been inspired to make a bag with a rose theme, well yes I had been inspired but I just didn’t manage to get it finished!

I thought however I’d let you see my progress.

It has a little rosebud in the centre surrounded by beads.

The back is knitted in stripes of grey, red and pink.

It’s going to be fastened with a little red heart and lined with a pink flowery fabric. I still have the handle to knit yet and then get it all put together and into my shop.

The above rose is another that is growing in my garden and I photographed it earlier in the week during the rain. I think it looks a bit sad, I suppose it was like the rest of us, absolutely fed-up with the horrible weather we’ve been having. Thankfully today was lovely and the forecast for the weekend looks promising.
Thanks as always for dropping in this week, I do love to hear from you!
Have a wonderful sunny weekend! 🙂

Last week was Rose Week in Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park on the outskirts of Belfast. Just as well it was last week because the weather this weekend has probably destroyed quite a few of the gorgeous roses on display!

Rose Week takes place at this time every year and the roses on view are absolutely stunning. It is always worth a visit and this year, as usual, it did not disappoint.

Sadly you will have to imagine the scent of the roses in the air, it was amazing.

There are beds and beds of these beauties, so many varieties with pretty names.

In fact during rose week it is estimated that there are over 20,000 blooms!!

I’ve been inspired by all this beauty to make some rose-themed bags but more of that next post, hopefully!

I’m afraid our horrible weekend weather has continued into Monday, I can only dream of rose-scented summer days today!

We’ve had two bank holidays here this week and coupled with the gorgeous weather (up to today that is) it was time to head for the coast which luckily for us is only a 40 minute drive away.

I promise I have not adjusted these photos at all, that really was the colour of the sky and sea! Amazing I know, as we don’t usually get this type of weather.

This little cottage has been in this seaside village for approximately 350 years and has been well perserved and inside, it has lots of little bits of history.

There were plenty of lovely floral displays too.

After a delicious lunch of brie, honey and whiskey tartlets and champ in a local restaurant, we spent the whole afternoon on the beach.

Such a nice way to spend an afternoon, enjoying the sun, the sea air, a spot of beach combing and of course ……..

……..writing your name in the sand!!!

Well as I mentioned earlier unfortunately the good weather is no longer with us. Today has been dull, cold and showery and the forecast for the weekend ahead is to be even worse (sigh). Looks like it’s going to be more of a knitting weekend than a sun worshiping one. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do and whatever the weather. 🙂

Sweet peas, the flowers that definitely signal summer is here!

It’s lovely to be able to go out into the garden and pick a bunch of sweet peas and usually when one bunch is over there is enough in bloom again to replace them.

I had a close look at them and got out my crochet hook and some sweet pea coloured yarn and ……….

………. crocheted some little sweet pea stems!

I then joined them together into a sweet pea corsage.

It has felt like summer here these last few days, hope it’s the same where you are! 🙂

I wish!!!
The stones are Mediterranean, I brought them back with me from the south of France but they have been lying in a bag in my garage ever since. I wanted to do something with them to show them off as they are very pretty but I didn’t know what.

The cacti didn’t come from the Mediterranean they came from Dobbies Garden Centre which is about 10 miles away. So not quite the Med !!!

But, I decided to put the two together and make myself a mini Mediterranean garden! It’s living in the greenhouse as the temperatures are much closer to the Med there than in my garden.
Maybe one day they might look like this specimen! I live in hope!!!

Sun is shining here this morning, hope it is with you too!
Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

Well it does feel like a summer day here today, thankfully, so this is definitely summer crochet! 🙂
I’ve decided to make myself a new little crochet throw, one I can use in the garden, you know the type, draped over a chair looking like a photoshoot from Country Homes & Interiors magazine!! The reality is it will probably rain non-stop just as I finish it!

I’m using this book, ‘Crocheted Throws & Wraps’ by Melody Griffiths.

And I’m using this pattern.

As it’s for my own personal use I can use colours to suit myself, so there’ll be no reds or pinks used. It’s going to be blues and green and browns, my favourites.

I was just thinking about colours and how we all have our own personal choices, how some colours appeal to some people yet others dislike them. As I have mentioned I personally really do not like red and pinks, yet I know many of my bloggy friends love them! I do use red and pink in my knitting but always for others. I love greens and blues including all the lovely colours between the two especially duck egg blue and teal! I also love shades of brown and cream but I know some people absolutely detest brown.

I was just wondering, out of interest, what are your favourite colours and which ones do you not like at all?

Happy Wednesday everyone! 🙂

Tree time again, I really don’t know where the month’s go to. Here we are at the beginning of July with half the year gone already!
True to form the day is sunny just like all the other first of the month’s and the tree is in full leaf.

There are lots of little pink ‘helicopters’now!

A different view of the tree this time, from underneath it’s branches.

It has been a lovely sunny day here today, I’ve everything crossed that it will continue into the weekend. Hope your weekend is hot and sunny too!
Once again thank you for calling in with me this week and for all your lovely comments especially all your kind words about my lavender bag!
Happy Weekend! 🙂