Well it does feel like a summer day here today, thankfully, so this is definitely summer crochet! 🙂
I’ve decided to make myself a new little crochet throw, one I can use in the garden, you know the type, draped over a chair looking like a photoshoot from Country Homes & Interiors magazine!! The reality is it will probably rain non-stop just as I finish it!

I’m using this book, ‘Crocheted Throws & Wraps’ by Melody Griffiths.

And I’m using this pattern.

As it’s for my own personal use I can use colours to suit myself, so there’ll be no reds or pinks used. It’s going to be blues and green and browns, my favourites.

I was just thinking about colours and how we all have our own personal choices, how some colours appeal to some people yet others dislike them. As I have mentioned I personally really do not like red and pinks, yet I know many of my bloggy friends love them! I do use red and pink in my knitting but always for others. I love greens and blues including all the lovely colours between the two especially duck egg blue and teal! I also love shades of brown and cream but I know some people absolutely detest brown.

I was just wondering, out of interest, what are your favourite colours and which ones do you not like at all?

Happy Wednesday everyone! 🙂