I’m still on the rose theme at the moment. These roses however are not prize winning show roses, just my humble little garden roses but just as lovely I think.

My dad gave me a cutting of this rose a few years back. He had it growing in his garden after he had taken a cutting from the garden of a little cottage he had lived in as a child. Even though the cottage was no longer being lived in the rose was still growing in the garden. My grandparents had brought the rose to the cottage when they had moved from another home where it was growing in that garden.

So I know it has been growing in at least four different gardens. We lost my dad four years ago at the age of 88, by my reckoning this rose has been on the go for almost 100 years if not more.

It’s a very special little rose to me!

Now in my last post I said I had been inspired to make a bag with a rose theme, well yes I had been inspired but I just didn’t manage to get it finished!

I thought however I’d let you see my progress.

It has a little rosebud in the centre surrounded by beads.

The back is knitted in stripes of grey, red and pink.

It’s going to be fastened with a little red heart and lined with a pink flowery fabric. I still have the handle to knit yet and then get it all put together and into my shop.

The above rose is another that is growing in my garden and I photographed it earlier in the week during the rain. I think it looks a bit sad, I suppose it was like the rest of us, absolutely fed-up with the horrible weather we’ve been having. Thankfully today was lovely and the forecast for the weekend looks promising.
Thanks as always for dropping in this week, I do love to hear from you!
Have a wonderful sunny weekend! πŸ™‚