A new bunch of flowers on the table.

A brilliant giveaway prize from the lovely Pomona. Thanks so much Pomona I love it!

Two gorgeous new craft book purchases.

Pretty new fabrics.

Yummy new yarn. I love new balls of yarn, they look so perfect, so much so that I sometimes don’t want to use them. Crazy I know, does anyone else ever feel like that or is it just me??

A new bag in the making.

Lots of new blooms in the garden.

And new babies…….

R.J. (Rocky Junior)



I have explained before about our cat friends. Well earlier this year a new one arrived, who we have named Kitty. It took us a long time to earn her trust and find out whether she was male or female by the time we did she was already expecting kittens. Eleven weeks ago she gave birth to five babies in my next door neighbours garage, sadly two of them died. We weren’t sure who the daddy was until the kittens were born as there are a couple of tom cats about but when we saw them we knew that Rocky was the father! R.J. (Rocky Junior) was named after his daddy and he is quite friendly but a work in progress, Polly named by my daughter is the most friendly and quite enjoys a cuddle and Lily named by my neighbour will not come near any of us and to be honest we’re not quite sure if she really is a Lily or not!

This is R.J. with his mum, Kitty. They are so adorable and I have to say we spend hours just watching them play, they are such fun!
We have contacted the Cats Protection League who are happy to neuter mother and kittens, my neighbour and I are happy to look after them and see that they are all fed and get any medical treatment they ever need. They sleep in my neighbours garage, it’s where they were born and to them it’s their home. I don’t suppose they will ever be house cats, Kitty still won’t be picked up and just allows a quick stroke.

This is Polly and Lily enjoying their lunch. I think getting them to the vets for their operations is going to be a stressful time for animals and humans but it must be done.
As for all our other cat friends they are all still visiting with the exception of Patch, who sadly is no longer with us. Patch did have his own home but always dropped in for a slice of ham, he was lovely and we miss him.
Our neighbours are on holiday at the moment, so we have sole responsibility for looking after them, seeing that they get fed and that they are all safe and sound, believe me it’s a full-time job!!!

Goodness this post ended up being much longer than I intended, if you’re still here, well done!
Beautiful day here, hope it is with you to, happy Tuesday! 🙂