August 2011

There have been some of these in the garden this summer ……….

there have also been some of these ……….

and last but not least there have been some of these!

Delicious as these summer fruits have been, there really hasn’t been great quantities of them in my garden this year so I have had to supplement the crop with ……….

some of these ………

some of these ………

and some of these !!!

These little corsages are destined for bags which I am still working on but I thought I would share them with you this bank holiday Monday as we still try to enjoy summer!

I’m not a jam maker so knitting and crocheting are my ways of fruit preserving !!! 😉

Happy week everyone. 🙂

Well as much as it pains me to say it, I have to admit that unfortunately summer is coming to an end. I think we can probably squeeze another two or three weeks out of it but not much more. I really don’t mind autumn it’s just I prefer spring and summer. I do love autumn colours though, they are in fact some of my favourite colours but I really don’t like the fact that the days are getting shorter.

The garden is still in full bloom, my sunflowers although not as many and certainly not as tall as other years are still beautiful and my absolute favourite flower.

It never ceases to amaze me how such a giant flower can come from such a small seed!

The insects are still very busy in the garden, trying to get as much done before the end of summer!

I hope you don’t mind seeing so much cosmos on my blog, it must be every other post. It’s just that my garden is full of them and I do love them!

The Black-Eyed Susan is looking good at the moment too and really is sunshine on a rainy day!

There is a lot of bright yellow and gold in the garden at this time of year, it’s as if the flowers have to try harder as the season comes to an end.

Of course this is harvest time too and I was delighted to see how many potatoes I got from one small bag. It was like looking for buried treasure. They taste delicious too and I will definitely grow them again next year and in greater quantities.

I also have had a good crop of tomatoes this year too, nothing quite like the taste of a home grown tomato.

It’s not just me though who has been enjoying the late summer garden, my new little cat friends have been making the most of it too!

R.J. really knows how to pose for a photo! Isn’t he gorgeous, he knows it though! 🙂

Polly is just the sweetest little thing and definitely the most friendly of the three.

And little Lily, who can’t quite bring herself to trust us yet but we are making progress.

So it may be nearing the end of summer but there still is much to enjoy in the garden!

There is much to enjoy this weekend too as it’s my husband’s birthday tomorrow and we have a bank holiday on Monday so it’s a three day weekend! I hope you all have a lovely weekend too and as always thanks for dropping in to see me. 🙂

A rare breeds farm to be precise.
This little farm is just three miles from my home and is run by the local council. As well as the rare breeds it has lots of friendly little pet farm animals who are only to happy to be stroked and petted and made a fuss of.

This is an Irish Moiled cow which is actually quite a rare breed.

How could you possibly not pat that head …..

….. or stroke those ears! 🙂

Lots of noise from this area!!

They had …..

sweet little birds, …..

cute little goats …..

and adorable little ponies!

This lot were the smelliest and the noisiest but without doubt the funniest. 🙂

Of course keeping the best to the last, they had a barn full of gorgeous bunnies. This farm is where we got our two bunnies about 12 years ago, they lived for 9 years and gave us so much pleasure.

And just look as this nest of baby bunnies, just so cute!!!

This really is a well run little farm. You can bring your bag of bread or carrots and feed the animals. Children are actively encouraged to stroke and enjoy the animals which I think is great as that can only help them to respect animals and treat them with the care and kindness they deserve. They provide excellent hand washing and dying facilities at the end of your visit and there is no entrance charge. All in all a brilliant family day out!

Just before I go I would like to thank you all for your very kind comments on my last post, I really, really appreciated them.

Hope you all have a lovely week. 🙂

I’m making this little scarf for a project I found out about on Annie’s blog, Knitsofacto. The project is called Scarves for Japan and the idea is to gather together warm hand knits such as scarves, hats, gloves and babywear and send them out to Japan to keep the victims of the earthquake and tsunami warm through the coming winter. Check out the links for more details if you interested in helping out.

This week has turned out to be a sad one for us as we have lost one of our ‘cat friends’.
Lucy had been ill for a little while but this week he had really deteriorated and on Wednesday the point was reached where the kindest thing to do was take away his discomfort.
Lucy, who was really a boy but had already been given and was answering to his name before it was found out, actually belonged to neighbours, however he spent most of his time with us especially when two new dogs arrived at his home, who he did not like at all! He did answer to Luce which we thought was a bit more boyish. He adored ham and would sit on my kitchen windowsill and shout ‘ham’ in at me until I let him in for some. He loved to get into our house and would sneak in at every opportunity, in fact sometimes I wondered how he had got in! He was never far away and when we came back in the car he would always turn-up to meet us, go to the door and when it was opened promptly sail in front of us like he owned the place. A big space has been left among our ‘cat friends’ and we really miss him about the place.

Rest well lovely Luce, we miss you! x

It is so nice to be able to go out into my garden and pick a basket of homegrown peas from my own raised bed for Sunday lunch!
This is the first year of my raised bed and it is a learning curve, there are things that I won’t do next year but there are many that I definitely will do again. Vegetables such peas, beetroot, scallions (spring onions) and courgettes have been great, hopefully the strawberries and raspberries will be better next year, however what we got were good! There are still carrots and onions to come. All in all it has been an an enjoyable experience.

Anyhow back to the peas, we had to restrain ourselves because they were so delicious raw we were in danger of not having enough to cook for lunch!!

As I was podding the peas I thought to myself, could I make a crocheted pea (as you do!). So I had a go and the above specimen is what I came up with!

I then got carried away and crocheted a unopened pea and some pea tendrils with little drops of dew on them and tied them all together with a little ribbon. I’ve added a brooch back as well, it is a bit of a quirky corsage, I may add it to a bag, we’ll have to see!!

Happy week everyone and remember to eat your greens! 😉

It’s no secret that I love flowers, goodness knows you all see enough of them here on my blog!
However much I love them all, some flowers appeal to me more than others.

I’m really drawn to the type of flower that reminds me of the drawings I did as a child, you know the kind with petals all around the centre all nicely spaced out and symmetrical. Truth is I still draw flowers like that. When I’m on the phone I often have a whole garden doodled on a post-it note or when I can get no further with a crossword or suduko the newspaper is covered in little perfectly shaped flowers.

So that’s why pretty flowers such as daisies of all kinds, cosmos and rudbeckia are among my favourites.

My absolute favorites though are sunflowers, sadly though I haven’t had much luck with mine this year due to a combination of greenfly, slugs, snails and high winds. This one is getting closer to opening. One of my favourite photos from last summer was this one. They are such amazing plants!

Perhaps my love of such perfectly shaped blooms is why I enjoy crocheting little flowers so much!

Well here we are at another weekend, I hope it’s happy and sunny for all of us! Thanks as always for popping in here this week, I do love your visits! 🙂

Welcome to the ‘Kingdom of Mourne’!
This magnificient area was the setting for the Festival of Flight this past weekend.

The Mourne Mountains are Northern Ireland’s highest mountains with Slieve Donard being the highest peak at 2789 feet. Now I know in the grand scale of things they’re aren’t huge but they certainly are beautiful!

I want to thank you all for the ‘finger crossing’ I asked for last Friday because the weather on Saturday in this little corner of Northern Ireland was lovely. When we left home it was pouring and we gathered together raincoats, umbrellas, and wellies but when we got to Newcastle, Co Down the one thing we needed and didn’t bring were our sunglasses!

We had brought a picnic with us and we settled down on the beach in the sun and waited for the air show to begin.

The air display included the French Patrouille Reva, the Irish Air Corps and a US World War 2 Mustang but there is no doubt the stars of the show were the RAF Red Arrows!!

The display that these pilots put on was amazing!

Something I don’t think I have shared with you before is that I have had a lifelong facination with airplanes, I love them, I could spend all day at an airport watching them take off and land. So an air display is a real treat for me.

I’m pleased to say that one of the Red Arrow pilots is a woman. Perhaps I’ll be a pilot and fly a Red Arrow when I grow up (whenever that might be!). 😉

The photo above was taken by my husband as his camera is much better at fast faraway things than mine and to be honest this was so exciting I wanted to watch it not photograph it!

They finished their absolutley brilliant display with their famous Red Arrow heart with the arrow through the centre! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this. 🙂

Now the dark clouds gathered over the mountains but then moved on to thankfully rain on someone else. We wandered around the little town which as well as many pretty little gift shops has a yarn shop and a lovely bead shop, then we had our evening meal in a gorgeous Italian restaurant. We then went to the music festival in the evening to watch my son’s band play.

Of course General Fiasco were brilliant! 🙂

We finished off our day at the seaside with one of these. You just have to, don’t you! 😉

So another lovely summer day out came to an end, don’t you just wish it could be summer all the time!

The lovely yarn pictured above is Sparrow from the very, very lovely Quince & Co.
It is the most beautifully soft 100% organic linen.

I’m going to knit myself the Lida Shawl. Now when it’s finished I want to wear it as a scarf just like the model on the pattern. I don’t really see myself wearing it as a shawl. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing the matter with shawls and please don’t be offended if you like to wear them, it’s just not me! I like a big scarf when it’s cold (which isn’t going to be for ages yet)!

I’ve already made a start, I just need to keep at it and not put it to the bottom of my knitting bag, you see I’m not very good at making things for myself.

I’m also very easily distracted by new projects, as you can see from this basket…….

There are quite a few W.I.P.’s in there!!!! I have vowed however to do a few rows every day. You would think I didn’t want to make it, I do, I really do, I just know what I’m like! It is a beautiful yarn and it’s going to make a gorgeous scarf. I must be disciplined! 😉

I want you all to keep your fingers crossed for a sunny weekend, the weather forecast is however awful, so you’ve got to wish very hard! We’re off to the Festival of Flight tomorrow in Newcastle, Co Down at the foot of the Mourne Mountains.The air display will include an appearance from the Red Arrows and then in the evening my son’s band will be playing at the music festival. So looking forward to all of that, I just don’t fancy getting soaked!

It’s been lovely ‘seeing’ you all here this week, I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans. 🙂

I’m pleased to say that this past couple of days the sun has returned to our little corner of the world. So it has been lovely being able to spend some time in the garden.
Would you like to take a little stroll with me?

Well I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly enjoyed spending some time outside! Stroll over, so it’s now time to do a bit of …….

……. knitting in the sun!

Hope the sun shone on you today. 🙂

Well I suppose it had to happen sooner or later but today was the first time I had to take my monthly tree photo in the rain. The strange thing about it was that the first month it happened in was a summer month!!
Thankfully the day did brighten up and hopefully that’s the rain all over for August!!

The great thing about the tree is that it is still lush and green with not a hint of the next season around the corner.

Let’s hope we all enjoy lots of sunshine during August.

Happy new month! 🙂