It’s no secret that I love flowers, goodness knows you all see enough of them here on my blog!
However much I love them all, some flowers appeal to me more than others.

I’m really drawn to the type of flower that reminds me of the drawings I did as a child, you know the kind with petals all around the centre all nicely spaced out and symmetrical. Truth is I still draw flowers like that. When I’m on the phone I often have a whole garden doodled on a post-it note or when I can get no further with a crossword or suduko the newspaper is covered in little perfectly shaped flowers.

So that’s why pretty flowers such as daisies of all kinds, cosmos and rudbeckia are among my favourites.

My absolute favorites though are sunflowers, sadly though I haven’t had much luck with mine this year due to a combination of greenfly, slugs, snails and high winds. This one is getting closer to opening. One of my favourite photos from last summer was this one. They are such amazing plants!

Perhaps my love of such perfectly shaped blooms is why I enjoy crocheting little flowers so much!

Well here we are at another weekend, I hope it’s happy and sunny for all of us! Thanks as always for popping in here this week, I do love your visits! πŸ™‚