It is so nice to be able to go out into my garden and pick a basket of homegrown peas from my own raised bed for Sunday lunch!
This is the first year of my raised bed and it is a learning curve, there are things that I won’t do next year but there are many that I definitely will do again. Vegetables such peas, beetroot, scallions (spring onions) and courgettes have been great, hopefully the strawberries and raspberries will be better next year, however what we got were good! There are still carrots and onions to come. All in all it has been an an enjoyable experience.

Anyhow back to the peas, we had to restrain ourselves because they were so delicious raw we were in danger of not having enough to cook for lunch!!

As I was podding the peas I thought to myself, could I make a crocheted pea (as you do!). So I had a go and the above specimen is what I came up with!

I then got carried away and crocheted a unopened pea and some pea tendrils with little drops of dew on them and tied them all together with a little ribbon. I’ve added a brooch back as well, it is a bit of a quirky corsage, I may add it to a bag, we’ll have to see!!

Happy week everyone and remember to eat your greens! πŸ˜‰