I’m making this little scarf for a project I found out about on Annie’s blog, Knitsofacto. The project is called Scarves for Japan and the idea is to gather together warm hand knits such as scarves, hats, gloves and babywear and send them out to Japan to keep the victims of the earthquake and tsunami warm through the coming winter. Check out the links for more details if you interested in helping out.

This week has turned out to be a sad one for us as we have lost one of our ‘cat friends’.
Lucy had been ill for a little while but this week he had really deteriorated and on Wednesday the point was reached where the kindest thing to do was take away his discomfort.
Lucy, who was really a boy but had already been given and was answering to his name before it was found out, actually belonged to neighbours, however he spent most of his time with us especially when two new dogs arrived at his home, who he did not like at all! He did answer to Luce which we thought was a bit more boyish. He adored ham and would sit on my kitchen windowsill and shout ‘ham’ in at me until I let him in for some. He loved to get into our house and would sneak in at every opportunity, in fact sometimes I wondered how he had got in! He was never far away and when we came back in the car he would always turn-up to meet us, go to the door and when it was opened promptly sail in front of us like he owned the place. A big space has been left among our ‘cat friends’ and we really miss him about the place.

Rest well lovely Luce, we miss you! x