In this post I’m going to take you round the beautiful Sagrada Famila and the amazing Parc Güell, my two favourite places in Barcelona! Both the designs of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

As you can see the Sagrada Familia is still very much a work in progress with all the cranes surrounding it!

When Gaudí died in 1926 the church was only 25% completed and since then construction has stopped and started until at present it is about half way there.

Inside it is breathtaking with the pillars reaching way up to the very high ceiling. Gaudí wanted them to resemble a forest and that really is a good description of what they look like.

The light inside is spectacular.

The stain glass is reflected throughout the building.

Just look at these wonderful stain glass windows!

The colours are like jewels.

I do hope you appreciate these photos and the sacrifice I made in order to get them!! You see I have no head for heights, they completely freak me out actually but right to the top we went.

I’m ok (ish) if I’m inside a building but all this open air stuff is scary and I was quite glad when I was back on solid ground!!

The stone work must have taken such a long time to complete as it is all so very detailed.

We were in the Sagrada Familia for hours there was so much to see, definitely worth visiting!

Parc Güell is another must-see when in Barcelona!

The famous mosaic dragon.

These two buildings are either side of the entrance, the one on the left is now a museum but Gaudí did live in it at one time, the other one is now a shop.

This bench is the focal point of the park and takes the form of a sea serpent and the mosaics are a-maz-ing!

All these mosaics were taken from different sections of the bench, I could have taken photos all day!

We had the most fantastic time in Barcelona! Would I go back? Oh yes, in a heart beat, I hope the opportunity comes my way again!

Thank you for sharing our 30th anniversary trip with me, sorry about the length of the posts but it was very hard to leave photos out and believe me I did!

Thanks as always for being here and I hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂

I’ll leave you with one more photo taken from the top of Parc Guell overlooking Barcelona, you can see the Sagrada Familia on the left of the picture.