October 2011

It’s the time of year for pumpkins and treats again!

The sweets are ready for the trick-or-treater’s!

I just have the halloween pudding to make!

What’s halloween without a black cat, although Polly is about as unscary as you get! Any witches in need of a black cat for tonight can get in touch we’ve got loads of them! πŸ˜‰

Happy Halloween! πŸ™‚

I think I have invented a new word – corsaging!

I have been corsaging this week crocheting more little rose trios.

Four different sets, I have to say I really enjoy making these little roses, quite relaxing actually.

I have also finished off some that I started a couple of weeks ago adding little buttons etc.

Thank you all so much for all your kitten love on my last post. Fingers crossed we have homes for four of them, I will be sorry to see them go but I’m glad they’ll go to good homes that means Jessie will have a one of her little brothers stay with her.

I’ll leave you with this photo………..

Brings a whole new meaning to the ‘circle of life’, doesn’t it!!!

Happy weekend everyone! πŸ™‚

As I mentioned on Friday, Saturday was spent at a Debbie Abraham’s knitting workshop.
Our project was “Festive Fingerless Mitts” and a lovely little project it was too.

I managed to get one mitt completely knitted but I still have to sew it up and of course complete the second mitt. I have to say I did enjoy making the mitt, it included beading, cables and fairisle so lots to keep your interest!

The knitting kit was navy, grey and cream Rowan wool/cotton yarn and then everyone had their own choice of beads, I chose ice blue. It was amazing how everyone’s looked so different just down to the choice of beads.

If you’re a knitter and you get the chance to go to one of Debbie’s workshops, please do, you won’t be disappointed! There is always something new to learn no matter how long you’ve been knitting and she is a really lovely girl and very passionate about her craft all of which makes for a great day out.

*** WARNING !!! : The following photos contain images of extreme cuteness!!!!! ***

Meet the latest batch of kittens, oh yes we’ve ended up with more!!!

You will remember in this post I introduced you to Kitty and her three kittens, R.J., Polly and Lily who have remained with us and are absolutely beautiful. Well the Cats Protection have been very helpful and neutered all three kittens for us but Kitty could not be caught, we tried, my husband almost lost the end of his finger in the process!! She will let us stroke her head and will come close for food but don’t even think about putting two hands on her!! Unfortunately she’s not so distant from Rocky (the father of all the kittens) and the inevitable happened this time resulting in six (yes six) kittens, five black and one black and white, three boys and three girls (we think)!

The Cats Protection are coming back to get Kitty when the kittens are weaned and it will involve a trap, something I’m not looking forward to I can tell you but needs must as she can’t keep producing kittens for the sake of all concerned. She will of course always have a home here with us and along with my next door neighbour we will care for her and the three older kittens.

The new little babies will have to go to new homes, something else I’m not looking forward to but really we couldn’t cope with that many cats even with the responsibility being shared. However we have decided that this little one is staying just to even up the black, black/white situation, she is a little girl and her name is Jessie. She is the smallest of them all and one of the cutest things I have ever seen, already she climbs on your knee and settles down, she is so gorgeous!

They were all born in my neighbours garage, Kitty then moved them between two fences at the back of our garden which involved a rescue one very wet Friday night, resulting in me sitting on top of a fence in the pouring rain but we’ll leave that very long story there. After the rescue we put them back were they where born, shortly after she moved them again into a cat box that my neighbour keeps in her garden for the cats and then she moved them again this time into our garage and thankfully thats where they are now.

We have found a good home for two of the little black ones and they are going together to an animal lover. We aren’t advertising them as we want to make sure we know exactly where they are going to and the wonderful Cats Protection are following them up and neutering and vacinating them all. It would be nice if they all could go with a sibling however that would mean there would be an odd one, with with us keeping Jessie. I have a feeling we might end up with more than one but if we can find good homes for all the little black ones we will be happy.

They are now four and a half weeks old and becoming more and more curious of the world around them and so, so funny.

So you see it’s not just knitting and crochet around here! πŸ˜‰

Have a lovely week everyone, I’m not even going to mention the weather!! πŸ™‚

Not sure if this wonderful autumnal colour is grape or plum but what I am sure of is that it is really lovely. I’ve found myself drawn to it this week with my knitting and crochet. It goes so well with mustard yellow, pale green and grey.

I noticed last weekend lovely shops like White Stuff and Avoca had so many clothes in these colours (so many that I wanted) !!! There are lots of home furnishings in these shades this season as well.

All this inspired me to create an Etsy Treasury which I entitled “Grape or Plum ?”

Hope you enjoy looking at it and checking out all the lovely shops as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Pretty striped viol…


Grape plum canvas p…


Vintage Glass Earri…


Bunny Little Pori


Sweet home appliquΓƒ…


Merino Sock – Grape…


vintage buttons gra…


Bedroom Set – Cushi…


Pretty in purple – …


Rose Garden Scarfle…


Ayala Levinger Art …


Grape Soda Bottleca…


Purple Handmade Lam…


Purple Flower Hair …


Plum Pearl Ring Swa…


Serene Kitty in Gra…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I’m off to another Debbie Abrahams knitting workshop this weekend, we’re making “Festive Fingerless Mitts”. Imagine me getting festive at this time of year!!! πŸ˜‰

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, keep warm and thanks for dropping in to visit me this week! πŸ™‚

I don’t know about you but my Monday is definitely in need of brightening up! I actually don’t mind Monday’s, I quite like them really, all the family return to their weekday routines and I’m left to carry on with my homemaking which I love.
However after what was a beautiful Sunday the weather here has taken a sharp turn for the worse. It’s grey, pouring down with rain, definitely colder and blowing a gale!!

So this Monday needs perking up a bit and my pretty new jug which I bought in Urban Outfitters at the weekend is certainly helping.

I’ve also been crocheting roses this weekend and these three are such a perfect match for my jug. I’m going to put them in my shop as a set of three because I think they look nice together.

This pretty parcel arrived for me at the weekend and it’s doing a very good job of brightening up my kitchen today.

It’s the most beautiful Cornishware honey pot which I won in a very generous giveaway over at Mary Jane’s Tearoom. I would like to thank Susan very much as I’m delighted with it. Susan knits such gorgeous little creatures, which would absolutely brighten anyone’s day and you can buy the patterns for these in her Etsy shop.

So with dahlia’s on the table ……….

a cake just out of the oven ………

the fire lit ……….

and a basket of yarn to play with I’m doing my best to brighten up my Monday!

Oh and I’ve just heard my son’s band being played on the radio and that is good news because when he’s a famous rock star I’ll have a villa in the south of France and it will definitely be bye-bye greyness!!! πŸ˜‰

Hope you’ve found something to brighten your Monday! πŸ™‚

Over the past few weeks I have been taking some photographs of the autumn colours appearing in the countryside and in my garden, when the weather has been behaving itself that is!

Looking through them it seems that it hasn’t been all rain, must have just seemed that way or else I took most of my photos over a period of two days, which may have been the case.

There is no doubt about the beautiful colours that autumn sends our way.

The trees, leaves, berries and shrubs are such pretty shades of the season.

Beauty to be found in the simplest of things.

Rusty orange, red, brown, green, mustard, yellow, purple, taupe. Most of my favoutite colours (with the exception of duck egg blue that is) are autumn shades, perhaps I really am an earthy autumn girl, mmmm not sure about that, earthy yes but I do like my summer sunshine!

Celebrate Color

Celebrate Colour is all about being inspired by the colours of the autumn season and using them in all manner of crafts. It is the brilliant idea of Emma Lamb, Wild Olive and luvinthemommyhood. They want everyone to share their autumn inspired crafts and there are lots of lovely prizes to be won too. Click on the photo for lots more information.

And inspired I have been, I’ve spent this week crocheting little bits and pieces in autumnal colours which will eventually become corsages, with the exception of the toadstool which might look a little odd!

I have enjoyed working with these colours and matching them up with pretty beads and buttons.

Just have to attach flowers to leaves etc and make a few corsages, I have to say though I do quite like them all displayed like this, so much so that I don’t want to touch them!!

Hope you’re being inspired by the season too!

It’s actually not raining here today although a little sunshine wouldn’t go amiss.

Thanks as always for visiting, enjoy the rest of the week and I hope the weekend ahead is a good one for you all! πŸ™‚

Amigurumi plush pea…


Cloth Napkins 15 In…


The pear bird – Nee…


Lavender Filled Sa…


TEA TOWEL Screenpri…


Love art print, pea…


Pear Bag


A Perfect Pair of P…




10 Pear Cake Topper…


Wall hanging – gree…


Lovely Pear Letterp…


Divider Cards of Fo…


Trio of Home Decor …


Eco friendly fruits…


Recycled Pear Pincu…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I’m so thrilled, my little Pear Bag has made to the UK front page of Etsy, all thanks to the lovely Jooles of SewSweetViolet who featured it in her “Oh my sweet pear tree…” treasury! It is a delicious treasury of all things pear!!!

If you are big fan of bunting and who isn’t, check out the beautiful SewSweetViolet Etsy shop for lots and lots of prettiness!

Thank you so much Jooles, you’ve made my Saturday!! πŸ™‚

This pretty little garland is a design by the very talented Emma Lamb.

Now I’m sure you are all very familiar with Emma’s blog. It is one of my favourite places to visit and always full of inspiration!

A couple of weeks ago Emma held a giveaway and the prize was one of her Pretty Peggy Garland patterns and I was very lucky to win.

The giveaway involved showing your button stash, vintage or otherwise. Now I have a lovely tin of buttons that belonged to my mother, I blogged about them here a little while ago, so I tipped them out on to the floor and decided what arrangement I was going to make with them to photograph. When they spilled out a little plastic leaf fell out and that was where my idea of a flower came from.

And fortunately for me Emma liked my photograph and the little story that went with it.

So when my lovely pattern arrived I gathered together my ‘ingredients’, which involved a bit of yarn shopping, always a fun thing. πŸ˜‰
I changed one colour to make the colour scheme more ‘me’ but I don’t think I’ve lost any of the ‘granny goodness’, I hope Emma agrees as I’m not sure she has forgiven me yet for giving away my thirty plus Pyrex dishes!!!

Now as Emma says in her pattern making these wee flowers can be very addictive and she’s right, they’re great fun to crochet.
The pattern is well written and easy to follow and if you know your crochet stitches, even if you are a beginner you will be able to make this lovely garland.

I really enjoyed crocheting ‘Pretty Peggy’.
Check out Emma’s blog to see all her lovely crochet inspiration and if you fancy having a go at making your own ‘Pretty Peggy Garland’ the pattern is available to buy in Emma’s Etsy shop.

Thanks as always for ‘dropping’ in !
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

Indian summer ??? What Indian summer ???
October has started horribly, while the southern UK basks in 30 degrees of sunshine the north west is sodden with a temperature of 14 degrees! 😦
My October tree pretty much looks like how I feel, it is so miserable here the flash on my camera came on while photographing outside, that proves how dull and dismal it is.
It has stopped raining at the moment but that is probably because after yesterday’s torrential downpour the clouds are dehydrated! We are promised some more heavy rain later though.

Quite a few leaves have fallen off the tree but they’re not dry and crunchy with that ‘come and walk through me’ look, sadly they’re not at all inviting!

There are some pretty colours though but I have to admit this post is not the one I had hoped for this month.

However falling leaves do provide endless entertainment for a certain three little individuals! That picnic table though was a rather slippery affair this morning and there were a few kittens surfing off the end of it at times!! πŸ™‚

Not completely colourless though, some pretty roses still blooming albeit dripping wet.

The sweet pea still trying to do it’s thing.

And perhaps a more autumnal photo. So many berries on this little hedge, they say it’s the sign of a hard winter – I can hardly wait!!!

So there you are my autumn garden and you wonder why I’m so reluctant to leave the summer behind!

Just before I go and to brighten this post (and myself) up , I thought I would share some of my new acquisitions with you.

I treated myself to this brilliant mushroom button made by the talented Jenny Arnott, check out Jenny’s shop as she is having a sale at the moment!

I was very lucky to receive this gorgeous bag from my lovely friend Mia to keep my crochet hooks in. Isn’t it great, thanks Mia I love it, you should check out all the other pretty makes in Mia’s shop.

I also received this pretty bag charm from another of my dear bloggy friends, Jane, it has a gardening theme, thank you Jane for such a lovely gift.

In fact I loved Jane’s bag charm so much I called into her shop and bought two more, a sewing one for my daughter and a knitting one for myself! Go have a look, she has more for sale and they are great!

Finally before I leave you can I just say I am having problems leaving comments on Blogspot blogs with the imbedded comment box, I can comment on the ones with the pop-up comment box. I’m not really sure why but if I normally say ‘hello’ to you and you’ve noticed me missing it’s because of this, sorry! I’m not sure at who’s end the problem is or how to fix it.

Anyhow as I reach the end of this post (thank you staying with me and putting up with my moaning) the rain has started again, so if you’re in the UK and enjoying your Indian summer I just want to let you know I’m not at all jealous, I love the rain! πŸ˜‰

Have a great weekend, wherever you are in the world! πŸ™‚