I don’t know about you but my Monday is definitely in need of brightening up! I actually don’t mind Monday’s, I quite like them really, all the family return to their weekday routines and I’m left to carry on with my homemaking which I love.
However after what was a beautiful Sunday the weather here has taken a sharp turn for the worse. It’s grey, pouring down with rain, definitely colder and blowing a gale!!

So this Monday needs perking up a bit and my pretty new jug which I bought in Urban Outfitters at the weekend is certainly helping.

I’ve also been crocheting roses this weekend and these three are such a perfect match for my jug. I’m going to put them in my shop as a set of three because I think they look nice together.

This pretty parcel arrived for me at the weekend and it’s doing a very good job of brightening up my kitchen today.

It’s the most beautiful Cornishware honey pot which I won in a very generous giveaway over at Mary Jane’s Tearoom. I would like to thank Susan very much as I’m delighted with it. Susan knits such gorgeous little creatures, which would absolutely brighten anyone’s day and you can buy the patterns for these in her Etsy shop.

So with dahlia’s on the table ……….

a cake just out of the oven ………

the fire lit ……….

and a basket of yarn to play with I’m doing my best to brighten up my Monday!

Oh and I’ve just heard my son’s band being played on the radio and that is good news because when he’s a famous rock star I’ll have a villa in the south of France and it will definitely be bye-bye greyness!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you’ve found something to brighten your Monday! ๐Ÿ™‚