As I mentioned on Friday, Saturday was spent at a Debbie Abraham’s knitting workshop.
Our project was “Festive Fingerless Mitts” and a lovely little project it was too.

I managed to get one mitt completely knitted but I still have to sew it up and of course complete the second mitt. I have to say I did enjoy making the mitt, it included beading, cables and fairisle so lots to keep your interest!

The knitting kit was navy, grey and cream Rowan wool/cotton yarn and then everyone had their own choice of beads, I chose ice blue. It was amazing how everyone’s looked so different just down to the choice of beads.

If you’re a knitter and you get the chance to go to one of Debbie’s workshops, please do, you won’t be disappointed! There is always something new to learn no matter how long you’ve been knitting and she is a really lovely girl and very passionate about her craft all of which makes for a great day out.

*** WARNING !!! : The following photos contain images of extreme cuteness!!!!! ***

Meet the latest batch of kittens, oh yes we’ve ended up with more!!!

You will remember in this post I introduced you to Kitty and her three kittens, R.J., Polly and Lily who have remained with us and are absolutely beautiful. Well the Cats Protection have been very helpful and neutered all three kittens for us but Kitty could not be caught, we tried, my husband almost lost the end of his finger in the process!! She will let us stroke her head and will come close for food but don’t even think about putting two hands on her!! Unfortunately she’s not so distant from Rocky (the father of all the kittens) and the inevitable happened this time resulting in six (yes six) kittens, five black and one black and white, three boys and three girls (we think)!

The Cats Protection are coming back to get Kitty when the kittens are weaned and it will involve a trap, something I’m not looking forward to I can tell you but needs must as she can’t keep producing kittens for the sake of all concerned. She will of course always have a home here with us and along with my next door neighbour we will care for her and the three older kittens.

The new little babies will have to go to new homes, something else I’m not looking forward to but really we couldn’t cope with that many cats even with the responsibility being shared. However we have decided that this little one is staying just to even up the black, black/white situation, she is a little girl and her name is Jessie. She is the smallest of them all and one of the cutest things I have ever seen, already she climbs on your knee and settles down, she is so gorgeous!

They were all born in my neighbours garage, Kitty then moved them between two fences at the back of our garden which involved a rescue one very wet Friday night, resulting in me sitting on top of a fence in the pouring rain but we’ll leave that very long story there. After the rescue we put them back were they where born, shortly after she moved them again into a cat box that my neighbour keeps in her garden for the cats and then she moved them again this time into our garage and thankfully thats where they are now.

We have found a good home for two of the little black ones and they are going together to an animal lover. We aren’t advertising them as we want to make sure we know exactly where they are going to and the wonderful Cats Protection are following them up and neutering and vacinating them all. It would be nice if they all could go with a sibling however that would mean there would be an odd one, with with us keeping Jessie. I have a feeling we might end up with more than one but if we can find good homes for all the little black ones we will be happy.

They are now four and a half weeks old and becoming more and more curious of the world around them and so, so funny.

So you see it’s not just knitting and crochet around here! 😉

Have a lovely week everyone, I’m not even going to mention the weather!! 🙂