Here we are at the first of another month and my penultimate tree photo. It’s hard to believe we are nearly at the end of this little experiment.
November has started bright and sunny, let’s hope it stays that way (not holding my breath)!

The leaves are almost all gone now, thanks to the wild and wet October we have had.

We have had brilliant skies today in this little corner of the UK. I have spent most of the day tidying up the garden, it’s all very bare looking now, I do miss my flowers!!

This is what is left of my sweet pea, sad isn’t it!? I had so many bunches of pretty blooms from it this year.

However all is not lost, I still have these little beauties to see me through the dark days!

Only 7 weeks until the shortest day, so we’ll hold on to that positive thought!

Happy Tuesday everyone and have a great November. 🙂