I have finished my Nordic bag and I thought I would share it with you before I pop it in my shop.

I have lined it with a tartan fabric which I think and hope goes well with the nordic theme.
As well as the Scandinavian pattern I also added a few little cables to the top of the bag.

Two little matching corsages have been crocheted too. One in red with a tartan (the same as the bag lining) covered button and a cream one with a little cross-stitched snowflake, I haven’t cross-stitched in years (I hope it’s ok Helen)!!!

I have amazed myself (and no doubt Mia and Jane as well!!!!) at how much I have enjoyed making these ‘C’ themed items. I still can’t use the word, not yet, it’s too soon! 🙂

Before I go I just what to mention a giveaway I was lucky enough to win. It was from the lovely Amanda at Itchin’ Stitchin’ and I won some beautiful gift cards to download from her new Etsy shop but as well as the pretty cards I chose she also sent me my own personal Green Rabbit cards, don’t they look great! Thanks Amanda!

And finally, finally I just want to share this photo with you …………..

R.J. and his baby sister Jessie ~ heartmelting!!! 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone!